Headlines 7/31-8/2/21 (Logan)


Law & Order? THOUSANDS of Illegals Released With NO Court Date

Joy Behar In Panic Mode After Realizing Who May Replace Meghan McCain

UNREAL: Biden Lets Gov. Cuomo Off The Hook With latest move in Nursing Home Scandal

The national strategy to fight ‘domestic extremism’ just got SCARIER


Witness the Stunning Oscar Worthy Performance By 2 GROWN Crybabys on Capitol Hill

CRAZY: How the FBI May Have Entrapped Whitmer’s Would-Be Kidnappers

Another CDC Flip-Flop: ‘Put Your Mask Back On…Or Else!’

The Left Says America Is Systemically Racist — But They Run the Systems


Biden’s Has a New Strategy to Push the Jab and it’s LITERALLY Insulting

The Biden Ice Cream Scandal that the Media is Silent About

Ben Shapiro: Far-left institutions far more AUTHORITARIAN than Capitol rioters

Jan. 6 Fallout: Biden’s Domestic Terrorism Threat Is YOU


The Left Says America Is Systemically Racist — But They Run the Systems

George Foreman Sounds OFF on how Politics has invaded sports

The CDC Gets Caught Red-Handed

Three-Time Olympian Makes it CLEAR: People Want Sports, Not Political Activism


Jen Psaki Literally Just Blamed the Unvaxxed for our Country’s Decline

Is the American flag racist?

Pelosi Orders Police To Arrest For Masks

CDC Threatens Americans With Medical Fascism While Giving Illegal Immigrants a Free Pass


Exposing the REAL Racists at the Capitol Siege

Pelosi ADMITS to Reporters that Biden is POWERLESS to Grant this Leftist Dream

Trump Unleashes on RINOs after Senate Advances Insane ‘Infrastructure’ Bill

Biden Compromises Military and National Security Days After Banging the War Drums

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