Headlines 7/6-7/7/21 (Kalee)


Biden’s Church Runs Cover for Him – will Allow Him to Receive Communion Despite Abortion Views

Biden PUBLICLY Embarrasses Himself with Critical Error in front of Maxine Waters

Air Force Endlessly Mocked after Changing Fitness Requirement Rules

Hackers Demand $70 Million to Restore from Hundreds of Companies Hit by Massive Cyberattack


The left’s LIES are becoming our REALITY. Here’s how to stop it.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Melts Down As Democrat Infrastructure Deal Faces Doom

Is it too late to get to the bottom of COVID origins in China?

The Big Short Michael Burry Says MEME STOCKS Will Crash!

Middle School Students Horrified after Lib School System Hands Out These Abortion Flyers

How is Biden’s fiscal blowout affecting the economy?

DeSantis Claims Major VICTORY – Libs Melt Down

Will Senate GOP play ball with House $751B infrastructure bill?


China Just Spoke Loud and Clear. Did We Hear?

As Families MOURN, Joe Biden Finds a Way to Use Miami Building Collapse as a Political Tool

Americans Fume after Biden Brags his Admin is Saving Us $0.16 on Cost of July 4th Cookout

NSA, Jen Psaki Forced to Respond after Tucker Carlson Claims his Show is Being Spied On

Judge Approves Unsealing of Documents Linking the Clinton’s to Epstein Sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell

Biden Creeps on Ice Cream Parlor Owner’s Daughters

Kevin McCarthy REACTS after Nancy Pelosi Taps Liz Cheney to Join January 6th Committee

The Left’s Worst Nightmare: Our Constitution

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