Headlines 7/8-7/9/21 (Logan)


Meghan McCain Stuns with UNEXPECTED Announcement

China trying to prevent information from being leaked

Biden officials continue to downplay historic border crisis

Newsom Is Shaking in His Boots! Recall Election Date has Been SET!


Ex-ICE Head Drops a REALITY BOMB on Biden about Border Crisis

North Korean defector has bold challenge for Democrats bashing America

Trump ramps up rallies

Biden has nothing to do with US economic recovery


CNN’s Latest China Coverage PROVES Why They’re at the BOTTOM of the Ratings

Trump ramps up rallies

Is Government Spying The New Normal?

China hits back, targets companies with US ties


Sen. Cotton Lays the SMACKDOWN – Demands Biden Be Tougher on China

Trump’s Afghanistan plan was not followed by Biden

Satellites detect 100+ missile silos in Chinese desert

‘Where at least I know I’m free… but are we really?’


Internet ERUPTS When Psaki Says They’re Going “Door to Door” to Those Not Vaccinated

Veterans demand Biden take action for Afghan allies

Sen. Cotton Lays the Smackdown – DEMANDS Biden Be Tougher on China

As This City CRUMBLES, this Poll about People Fleeing Says Everything


These Poll Results are HUMILIATING For Biden

America deals with more cyberattacks

Democrats are bashing US while being elected to Congress

Meghan McCain Stuns with Unexpected Announcement


Cyber Hacks Continue, Biden Needs Notes to REFRESH MEMORY

Conservatives Need to Stop Being Depressed, “Get Back into the Fight to Save the Country”

AZ Sheriff: If you care about human beings, you should care about this crisis

This is first state to declare gun violence a disaster emergency


House Republicans REACT to Biden/Harris Mess On Trip To The Border

Ilhan Omar’s Hatred for America Exposed

Americans Can Now Self-Select Gender on Passports, Non-Binary Option Coming Soon

Dad details the ‘scary’ indoctrination he witnessed at a school


Psaki Blames GOP For Defunding Police, But There’s Just One Problem

Cartels benefiting from migrant surge, ex-Border Patrol chief says

New Poll Should Have Biden in HIDING

Is Pelosi holding Biden’s infrastructure bill hostage?


This Border Stat Should Have Kamala Feeling Ashamed of Herself

Air Force Endlessly Mocked after Changing Fitness Requirement Rules

Is Pelosi holding Biden’s infrastructure bill hostage?

New Poll on Defunding the Police Should Make EVERY Dem Change their Tune ASAP

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