Headlines 8/14-8/16/21 (Logan)


Biden’s Latest Lies DEBUNKED

They’re trying to Take Away what makes us HUMAN…

Trump: We know who shot Ashli Babbitt

High Schoolers Can Now Graduate Without Reading Ability In Major Democrat City


Rashida Tlaib Caught Red-Handed In Leaked Video Breaking Major CDC Regulations

Major Issue Seen In Biden Response To His Ban From 9/11 Anniversary By Families

Joe, where are you going?

As Illegals FLOOD into Our Country, Kamala Discusses Fully Opening the Border


Biden Barks Correction at Cherokee Nation Chief for Using the Word “Tribes”

Runaway Democrats Just Got a Texas Style Revenge In Court

School Teacher SLAMS Schoolboard, Tearfully Resigns over Politicized Agenda

Even CNN Can’t Believe What Biden Said about Cuomo after he Resigned


Trump Drops Merch That Is Triggering All Kinds of Questions

Senate PASSES Anti-CRT Bill – the Votes Show the REAL Marxists in Power

Arrest warrants signed for Texas Democrats who left state to block election bill

Why the MEDIA may be guilty for Cuomo’s long run of Awfulness


Even CNN Can’t Believe What Biden Said about Cuomo after he Resigned

Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Mistakenly Calls Gretchen Whitmer “Jennifer”

THIS is why Trump was elected in 2016

Cuban Spring: Debunking the Left’s Lies About #SOSCuba


Biden Gets LOST In The Bushes

Holocaust Survivor Slams Demonization Of Unvaccinated

Biden SNAPS On CNN Reporter When She Decides to Actually Ask a Real Question

No one trusts CNN

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