Headlines 8/20/2018


Gingrich: John Brennan was engaged in lying to Americans

Trump’s push for immigration reform

Waffle House hitting the road with new food truck

Dr. Jordan Peterson on today’s political climate


Concerns of conservatives being censored ahead of midterms

Dr. Jordan Peterson opens up about his ’12 Rules for Life’

California bill: Only milk or water served with kids’ meals

Pentagon: China likely training for strikes against the US


Colorado Ignores Supreme Court, Puts Christian Baker in Crosshairs Again

Michael Cohen facing criminal charges for tax fraud

Ice cream puppy melting hearts at restaurant in Taiwan?

Facebook admits PragerU videos were ‘mistakenly removed’


Female Sergeant Saves the Day | Active Self Protection

Should Preppers Show Their Face on Social Media?

Could The Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Destroy America?

The M9A1 Bazooka: Now With Optics and Quick Takedown


Absolute free speech needed on social media?

Plastic straw bans’ big winner

Economists Warn Trump’s Tariffs Are Unfavorable to U.S. Growth

Tesla whistleblowers’ Gigafactory allegations


Hillary’s Emails Come Back To Haunt Her After What Fitton Just Uncovered In Them.

US Therapists See Increase in Patients With ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ – The Symptoms Are Great.

The Real Life Weapons of PUBG

Olight PL-Mini Light Review! Let the Holster Making Begin!


Gingrich: John Brennan was engaged in lying to Americans

Classic Imperial British Revolvers: the Webley WG Army and Target

Gutfeld: Living in the media’s lie

Study: 1 in 7 people are losing sleep over politics

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