Headlines 9/18/18


Antifa Caught Off Guard After Getting Confronted By The Last Person They Ever Wanted To Answer To

NFL Player Shocks Team, Retires Mid-Game. Teammate Lets Him Know How He Feels About It.

Free speech on college campuses under attack

Democratic socialists falling for the lies of the cruel anti-wealth movement: Kennedy


Is Kavanaugh’s nomination in jeopardy?

Hillary Clinton calls to end the Electoral College

White House ramps up efforts to put Americans back to work

Kavanaugh accuser demands that the FBI investigate sexual allegations


Trump Just Got Big Last Laugh On WNBA Champs Who Refuse To Go To White House

Top 10 Scary Chinese Cover-Ups

George W. Bush stands by support for Kavanaugh

Are Democrats ignoring Keith Ellison’s accuser?


Tesla probe: Could Elon Musk face jail time?

Major Concerns About Overflow of Animal Waste Pits, Coal Ash In Florence Flooding

Sen. Kennedy Says He’s Not Ready to Cancel Kavanaugh Hearing

How Tariffs Add to the Suffering of America’s Rural Areas


How To Pick An AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block

Are Democrats ignoring Keith Ellison’s accuser?

New campaign highlights Trump’s economic success

Republicans push to vote on Kavanaugh if accuser is no-show


5 Reasons to Buy the Glock 19 Gen5 over the Canik Elite!

Brett Kavanaugh Allegations Explained

Democrats lead in Arizona, Tennessee Senate races: Polls

Can Flex Tape Stop a PS90???

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