Internal Offers Promo Headlines – April 2018

Pandemic Survival Plans

WARNING! America Faces “Society Ending” Bioweapon Threat…

Doctor Warns Up to 50% of Population Could Die in Next Pandemic

Leaked Report Exposes China’s Plans to Unleash Weaponized Virus

Bill Gates Warns that the Coming Bio-Engineered Pandemic will be “Society Ending”

Doctor Warns that THIS is 100x Worse than COVID-19!

Perpetual Water Wizard

This Weird Home Assembled Device Extracts Water from the Air!

Preppers are Raving About this DIY “Portable Water Generator”

Survivalists LOVE this Blueprint for Generating Water on Demand!

Preppers Say this DIY Guide Teaches the Secret to Surviving a Mega Drought…

Let’s Go Brandon Gear

OMG! Liberals Cringe when they see this free hat…

[Yes or No] Would You Proudly Wear this FREE Let’s Go Brandon Hat?

LOL! This FREE “Let’s Go Brandon” Makes Libs Cry…

[Yes or No] Will You Proudly Fly this FREE Let’s Go Brandon Flag?

LOL! Your Liberal Neighbors will HATE Seeing this Flying on Your House!

Biden Supporting Libs will HATE Seeing You in THIS…

Fall 2022 Polls

[Yes or No] Would You Vote for DeSantis over Biden in 2024?

[POLL] Would You Vote for DeSantis Over Biden in 2024?

[Poll] Does Trump have Your Support for a 2024 Run?

[Yes or No] Will You Vote for Trump a 3rd Time?

[Yes or No] Is Joe Biden Mentally Fit to be President?

[VOTE] Are You Worried About Joe Biden’s Mental Health?

Should Hillary Clinton be Investigated for Corruption? [Cast Your Vote]

[POLL] Should Hillary Clinton be Investigated for Corruption?

Reagan Gold Bar

DEAL Alert! Claim Your FREE $100 Ronald Reagan Gold Bar Today

[MUST SEE] This Brand New $100 Reagan Gold Bar is Trending

Liberals HATE this Trending $100 Ronald Reagan Gold Bar

Patriot Survival Filter

Get CLEAN Drinking Water ANYWHERE with THIS…

Preppers are SHOCKED at this Amazing New Survival Filter

Save 60% on this Best-Selling Survival Water Filter Today!

Free Holsters

Would you like this FREE Concealed Carry Hip Holster?

GUN OWNERS: Claim Your Free Hip Holster Today!

Testers Needed for New Premium Gun Holster (get one for FREE!)

Would you like this FREE Ankle Holster? Claim this deal now…

GUN Daily Deal! Get this 2-Point Tactical Sling for FREE Today…

Public Massacre Survival

Free Book Reveals Little Known Secrets to Surviving a Mass Shooting

Would You Survive an Active Shooter? FREE Book Reveals Little known Secrets…

Could You Survive a Public Massacre? Get this FREE Book to Learn How…

Shopify Collection Pages

Proud Patriots will LOVE these Newly Minted Conservative Coins

Save Up to 84% on these Conservative Themed Gold and Silver Coins!

WOW! Save up to 80% on these American Flag Themed Gold & Silver Coins

Flag Loving Patriots Must See these Amazing Newly Minted Gold Coins

Trump Hat LIQUIDATION! Save Up to 90% on Select Hats Today!

Shopify Ecom Products

Liquidation Alert! Save 60% on this Best Selling Magnetic Wristband

[DEAL Alert!] Get 60% OFF this Amazing Magnetic Wrist Band

Get 50% OFF Today on this Baton Self-Defense Flashlight!

WOW! Save 60% on these Amazing Waterproof Flashlight Gloves!

Light Up the Night with these Waterproof Flashlight Gloves! [60% OFF Today]

Gun Owners -> Save 55% Today on this Belly Holster!

Survival DEAL of the Day – Save 60% on this Hydration Backpack!

DAILY DEAL! Save 55% on this RFID Blocking Wallet!

PREPPER Daily Deal! Get 80% OFF this Paracord Survival Watch!

Funny Stickers Promo

LOL! Hillary Supporters are going to HATE seeing this on your car!

Crooked Hillary Voters will Cringe when they see THIS on your bumper…

ROFL! Biden and Kamala Reprise “Dumb and Dumber” in Hilarious Sticker

Haha! Biden Voters will CRINGE when they see this funny sticker

[Yes or No] Joe Biden is  CLOWN! Get the Sticker here

YES! This Hilarious Sticker Captures America’s Problems Since 2020!

WARNING! Put this Sticker on Your Car and You’ll TRIGGER a Liberal or Two!

TRIGGERED! Liberals will Hate this Sticker on your car…

The “Biden Crime Family” HATES seeing this on cars across America!

FUNNY new Biden Crime Family stickers makes liberal voters squirm!

Gas Prices Gear

LOL! This Biden Gas Prices Gear will Make Libs Cringe…

WEAR this to Show Your Disgust for Biden’s High Gas Prices…

Survival Sweepstakes

[SWEEPSTAKES!] Get this $600 Survival Super-Bundle Today…

[ENTER NOW] Win this $600 Survival Bundle Now!

[Must See] Win THIS Ultimate Survival Bundle Today!

Patriot Popup Lantern

Testers Needed for the Patriot Pop-Up Lantern (get one for FREE!)

Can we ship you this FREE Patriot Pop-Up Lantern?

Trump Legacy Gold Bar

Liberals are OUTRAGED at this New Trump Gold Bar

Trump Supporters LOVE this Newly Minted Trump Gold Bar

Trump Sweepstakes

Trump Fans: Win this $5000 Ultimate Trump Collector’s Set!

Have You Entered this TRUMP $5000 Ultimate Collector’s Giveaway?

[Trending] Trump Supporters LOVE this $5000 Sweepstakes!

Biden Electile Dysfunction Sticker

LOL! Joe Biden Is FURIOUS At This New Bumper Sticker

Biden Voters Are Getting Triggered By This Hilarious New Sticker

[Yes Or No] Does Joe Biden Have Electile Dysfunction??

Have You Seen This Hilarious New Joe Biden Bumper Sticker??? LOL

Ultra MAGA Bumper Sticker

This New Ultra MAGA Bumper Sticker Is Triggering Biden Voters Everywhere – Get It Here!

[Yes or No] Are You A Part Of The “Ultra MAGA Crowd” ???

Put This Brand New Ultra MAGA Bumper Sticker On Your Car If You Still Support Trump

Ultra MAGA Patriots Are LOVING This New Bumper Sticker

Trump MAGA KING – Premium Short Sleeve Tee

Brand New MAGA King Gear Has Biden Voters FUMING – Get Yours HERE

LOL! Biden’s “Great MAGA King” Comments Come Back To Bite Him In The A**

Trump MAGA KING 11 oz. Black Mug

LOL! Biden’s “Great MAGA King” Comments Come Back To Bite Him In The A**

Brand New MAGA King Gear Has Biden Voters FUMING – Get Yours HERE

Trump Supporters Are LOVING The New MAGA King Coffee Mug!

Trump ULTRA MAGA – Premium Short Sleeve Tee

Trump Supporters Everywhere Are Going BANANAS For This New Ultra MAGA Gear

Take A Look At The Brand New Ultra MAGA T-Shirt That’s Trending All Across The Country!

LOL! New Ultra MAGA Gear Is Triggering Biden Voters With His OWN WORDS

[Yes or No] Are You A Part Of The “Ultra MAGA Crowd” ???

Home Lockdown Book

[Giveaway] Free Book Reveals How to SECURE and DEFEND Your Home After a Collapse

Urgent WARNING Regarding Your Home Security Plans

Bank of America Warns Civil Unrest Could Cripple America

[Trending] Free Book Teaches You How to DEFEND Your Home from Looters, Rioters and Gangs After a Crisis

[REPORT] How to Defend Your Home During a Major Crisis

PPP Free Impeach Biden Hat

Claim Your Free IMPEACH BIDEN Hat Today

[Trending] Get Your Free IMPEACH BIDEN Hat Today

PPP Shopify Bidenflation Sticker

Hilarious New Biden Sticker Says it All

LOL! Bidenflation is the Cost of Voting Stupid Bumper Stickers…

BIDENFLATION: The Cost of Voting Stupid – Get the Bumper Sticker Here!

The Great Dark Threat

[Leaked!] Putin’s Devastating Plans for America Revealed

Leaked Memo Reveals Russia’s Plans to Destroy America

[Breaking] Leaked Defense Memo Exposes Putin’s Plans for America

[REPORT] Putin’s Terrifying Plans for America

[Breaking] New Russian “Doomsday” Cyber Weapon Could Ignite WW3

Putin Threatens Cyber “Doomsday” if U.S. Intervenes in Ukraine

Putin Threatens Biden with Power Grid Attack if U.S. Enter Ukraine Conflict

Survival Secrets

WARNING: American “Food Apocalypse” is Coming Later this Year…

Experts Warn of Coming American “Food Apocalypse”

Insiders Say Biden is PANICKED About this Coming Crisis

LEAKED! Biden is Panicked Over Coming Food Shortages

This is BAD News for Preppers

Survivalists be Warned!

REPORT: Devastating Food Crisis Coming to America

Expert Predicts Food Riots are Coming to America

Economic Armageddon

Experts Predict: WORSE than the Great Depression…

[Report] This Could be WORSE than the Great Depression…

Billionaires are Building Secret Bunkers to Ride Out the Economic Armageddon…

REPORT: Billionaires are Planning their Escape from Economic Armageddon

Biden’s Big Blunders Equal “Economic Armageddon” in America…

Biden’s Big Blunders Could Unleash “Economic Armageddon” in America…

NASA Survival Tent

This Breakthrough NASA Survival Tent Could Save Your Life One Day!

Claim a FREE Survival Tent Today (while supplies last)

TESTERS Needed for this New NASA Survival Tent

PP Privacy Bullet Blackbook

COLLUSION! Biden Busted Spying on Trump Voters

Biden Caught RED HANDED Spying on Fox News Host

Biden’s Big Tech Gestapo BUSTED Spying on Conservative Americans

PPP RFID Blocker Card

URGENT Warning for Credit & Debit Card Users…

Read This Now if You Use Credit or Debit Cards

Fox News Just EXPOSED this HUGE Credit Card Fraud

Funny Biden Apparel

OMG! These Hilarious Biden Shirts will have Your Sides Splitting!

Liberals Really HATE these Hilarious Joe Biden Shirts

Ready for a Laugh? You’ve Gotta See these “Idiot” Joe Biden Shirts…

New Poll Promos

[Poll] Was the 2020 Election RIGGED Against Trump?

[Yes or No] Trump was ROBBED of the 2020 Election by a Rigged System!

Goldco Polls – M-F Sends only!

[Yes or No] Joe Biden’s Policies are a THREAT to Your Retirement Savings!

[POLL] Are Socialist Liberal Policies a THREAT to Retirement Savings in America?

[Urgent Poll] Should Americans be Worried About Socialist Liberal Tax Laws?

Biden Idiot Sticker

Hilarious Biden Sticker will have Other Drivers Rolling…

[Yes o No] Biden is the Biggest IDIOT Democrats Ever Nominated!

LOL! This Funny Biden the Idiot Sticker will Make Your Sides Hurt

American Smart Shopper Product Promos

Proudly Show that Trump is STILL YOUR PRESIDENT by Wearing this…

ONLY Click if Trump is Still Your President!

DEAL ALERT! Trump MAGA Hats Now Available as Low as $2.50 each!

THIS God Bless America Wrist Watch Appeals to True Patriots!

WOW! Get these Trump House Flags for as Low as $2 Each!

LIQUIDATION! Get these Pro Trump Face Masks for as Low as $1.25 Each!

Rigged 2020 Bumper Sticker

[New] Is Trump Still Your President?

Must See: Was The 2020 Election RIGGED?

Every Trump Supporter Needs This Bumper Sticker!

Socialism Sucks Bumper Sticker

[Brand New!] Socialism Sucks and Biden…

Let Other Drivers Know That Socialism Has NO PLACE In America!

Biden’s Going to HATE This New Bumper Sticker

Trump Won Bumper Sticker

Was Trump The Legitimate Winner In 2020?

Trump Supporters Are LOVING This New Bumper Sticker

Get Your “Trump Won, Save America” Bumper Sticker Today!

Forgetful Biden Sticker

[New] I’m Joe Biden, And I Forgot This Message

Creepy Joe Won’t Like This New Bumper Sticker

This Hilarious Bumper Sticker Has Every Trump Supporter Rolling!

How to Save America Sticker

[New] Save America In One Easy Step!

Pelosi Wants This Bumper Sticker BANNED

Every Conservative Is Going To Want One of These

Trump Miss Me Yet Sticker

Support Trump In 2024 With This NEW Bumper Sticker!

[New] Do You Miss President Trump?

Tick Off A Biden Supporter With This New Trump Bumper Sticker

Socialism Sucks Shirts

Biden’s Going to HATE This New Gear!

Conservatives are LOVING The New “Socialism Sucks” Gear!

Tick Off A Commie Liberal With This New Gear!

Trump Won Coffee Mug

Was Trump The Legitimate Winner In 2020?

Trump Supporters Are LOVING This New Coffee Mug!

Get Your “Trump Won, Save America” Coffee Mug Today!

Rigged 2020 Mug

[New] Is Trump Still Your President?

Must See: Was The 2020 Election RIGGED?

Every Trump Supporter Needs This Coffee Mug!

Survival Sleeping Bag

Everyone Needs THIS In Their Survival Bag!

This Is The ONLY Sleeping Bag You’ll Need When SHTF!

Be Prepared With This New Survival Sleeping Bag

Rigged 2020 Apparel

[New] Is Trump Still Your President?

Must See: Was The 2020 Election RIGGED?

Every Trump Supporter Needs This New Gear!

Impeach Biden Sticker

Show Your DISAPPROVAL for Biden’s Disastrous Presidency!

Get Your IMPEACH BIDEN Bumper Sticker Here Today!

[Yes or No] Joe Biden Should be IMPEACHED!

Don’t Blame Me I Voted Trump Hat

This FREE Hat will Tick Off Biden Supporters!

OMG! Liberals will Cringe When they See this Hat…

Liberals Won’t Like this Hilarious Hat…

Liberals Can’t Place the BLAME on YOU!

National Prayer Coin

Yes or No] Do You Pray for God to Protect Our Nation?

The Radical Left Wants to CANCEL Christian Values in America!

Christian Values are Under Attack in America

Atheists HATE this Newly Minted Gold Coin!

Christian Conservatives will LOVE this Newly Minted Coin!

NEW Trump Aff Polls

[POLL] Did Trump Uphold the Promises He Made to the American People?

[Yes or No] Trump Delivered on the Promises He Made to America

[Agree or Disagree] President Trump Should be Added to Mount Rushmore!

[VOTE] Should Donald Trump be Added to Mount Rushmore?


Trump Bucks Offer

Newly Minted ‘Trump Bucks’ are Causing a Fuss with Liberals

Liberals HATE these Newly Minted $1000 ‘Trump Bucks’ Gold Bills

Every Trump Fan will LOVE these Newly Minted $1000 Gold ‘Trump Bucks’

Trump Revenge Tour Watch

[URGENT] Trump to Announce 2024 ‘Revenge Tour’ to Regain White House?

Liberals Worst Nightmare! Trump to Announce 2024 REVENGE Tour?

OMG! Trump to Announce 2024 ‘Revenge’ Tour to Reclaim the White House?

[Yes or No] Would You Support Trump in 2024?

Black American Flag Hat

[Yes or No] Would You Proudly Wear this Pro-America Hat?

MUST SEE: This American Flag Black Hat is FREE Today!

REAL Patriots will Proudly Wear this FREE American Flag Hat!

DEAL Alert! Get this FREE American Flag Hat Today…

Free Don’t Tread on Me Flag

Why REAL Conservatives Fly the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag

SPECIAL: Get a Free Don’t Tread on Me Flag Today

REAL Right Wing Americans Fly the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag

[Yes or No] Would You Proudly Fly the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Flag?

Free Police Flashlight

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Exclusive: You’ve Got 24-Hours to Claim One of these Tactical Flashlights for FREE!

FREE! Claim Your Elite Police Flashlight Today (Supplies Going Fast!)

Trump 2024 Apparel

Trump to Run in 2024? Show Your Support with a Shirt or Hoodie!

Trump to Seek His Revenge in 2024? Get Your Gear Here…

Liberals will Despise these New Trump 2024 “The Revenge Tour” Shirts

Do You Support Trump in 2024? Get Your Shirt Here!

Free NASA Gold Coin

MUST See if You Support NASA and its Amazing History!

ALERT! You Can Get this NASA Gold Coin for FREE Today!

[Yes or No] Would You Proudly Display this NASA Gold Coin?

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Free Thin Blue Line Flag

[Yes or No] Do You Proudly Support the Police in America?

SHOW the Police You Stand with them! Get this FREE Police Flag Today

Would You Proudly Fly this Pro-Police Flag?

[True or False?] Blue Lives Matter in America!


Conservatives and Liberals Alike will LOVE this!

BREAKING! Liberals and Conservatives Agree on this!

WOW! Get this FREE NASA Hat today!

DEAL ALERT! Claim Your FREE NASA Hat Today

Liberals and Conservatives will both LOVE this Free NASA Hat!

I Stand for the Flag Hat

[Yes or No] Do You Proudly STAND for the Flag?

Are You Sick and Tired of Flag Disrespecting Liberals?

[True or False] REAL Patriots STAND for the American Flag!

Should the American Flag ALWAYS be Respected? [Yes or No]

[POLL] Do You STAND for the National Anthem?

Home of the Brave Free Hat

Would You Wear THIS Patriotic Hat to Support the USA Military?

[Yes or No] Do You Proudly Support American Troops?

[Yes or No] Are You Proud to be an American?

Show Your Support for Troops with this FREE Hat!

Honor American Troops with this FREE Patriotic Hat!

God Bless America Hat

Only Open if You Proudly Say “God Bless America!”

God Bless America…BANNED!

[Yes or No] Do You Say the Phrase “God Bless America”?

Liberal Calls “God Bless America” the Worst Song Ever!

Liberals Don’t Like You Saying “God Bless America!”

DISGUSTED! Liberals BAN God Bless America at Some Events!

Back the Blue Hat

[Yes or No] Do You Proudly Supporter Police Officers Across America?

Are You SICK and TIRED of Liberal “Defund the Police” Nonsense?

Only OPEN if You Support Police Lives Across America?

Disgusting Liberals Continue to Vilify Police Lives in America…It’s Time to Take a Stand!

Anarchists Want to DEFUND the Police…Show them Where You Stand with this FREE Hat!

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Star Spangled Banner Coin

DISGUSTING! Liberal Activists Want to Replace the Star Spangled Banner!

Liberal Activists Want the National Anthem REPLACED!

You Won’t Believe What Liberal Activists Want the Star Spangled Banner Changed to…

Space Force Hat

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Defund the Police Poll

[POLL] Do You Support Defunding the Police in Your City?

[Yes or No] Defunding the Police is the Answer to Police Brutality

Should Police Departments Across America be DEFUNDED?

BLM Protesters Want Police Defunded: Do You Agree?

Come and Take it Flag

SPECIAL: Get Your Free AR-15 Come and Take it Gun Rights Flag!

ATTN Gun Rights Supporters: Get this FREE AR-15 Flag Today!

[Yes or No] Do You Support Gun Rights in America?

FREE Gun Rights Flag! Get this ‘Come and Take it’ AR-15 Flag Today here…

Don’t Tread on Trump Flag

Liberals will be Disgusted by this New Trump Flag!

Don’t Tread on TRUMP! Get Your FREE Flag here…

Stand with TRUMP! Get Your FREE Don’t Tread on Trump Flag…

Conservative Themed Face Masks

LOL! Wear these Face Masks to Show You Support Trump.

OMG! Liberals will HATE these Hilarious Reusable Face Masks

Don’t Wear Just Any Face Mask – You’ve Got to See these!

Show Your Conservative Pride with these Reusable Face Masks!

Space Force Coin F+S

NEW Space Force Coin Just Minted – Get it FREE Today!

Trump’s Space Force Just Got a New Coin [Get it FREE]

Pledge of Allegiance Poll

[Yes or No] Should Schools be Allowed to BAN the Pledge of Allegiance?

[POLL] Should Public Schools be Allowed to BAN the Pledge of Allegiance?

[Yes or No] States Should be Allowed to BAN the Pledge of Allegiance?

Free American Flag

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FREE American Flags are Available Today (Claim Yours while You Can!)

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Trump USA Hats

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Pro Gun Gold Coin

Gun Grabbing Liberals HATE this Newly Minted 24-K Gold Plated Pro-Gun Coin!

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Politically Incorrect American

Show The Snowflake Liberals What You Think About Political Correctness With These Brand New Shirts!

[NEW] These Politically Incorrect Shirts Will Make The Liberals Furious!

Piss Off A Liberal With These NEW Politically Incorrect Shirts

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Money and Happiness (Guns)

Love Guns? You’ll Love These Hilarious New Pro-Gun Shirts!

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Don’t Like Guns Hoodie

Every Gun OWNER Will Want to Wear this Sweatshirt this Winter!

[Trending] The Most Popular Hoodie for Gun Lovers!

New Hooded Sweatshirt Tells Gun Haters to Back Off!

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Ronald Reagan Coin

Every Conservative will LOVE this Newly Minted President Reagan Coin!

This Brand New President Reagan Coin is a Great Keepsake!

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Stand for the Flag Hoodie

Support the Flag? Show it with this Awesome Hoodie!

Do You Stand for the Flag and Kneel for the Cross? Then this Hoodie is for YOU!

National Anthem Flag Loving Christians will Want to Wear this Hoodie this Fall!

Don’t Like Guns Shirt

If You Don’t Like GUNS then You’ll Hate this Shirt!

Anti Gun Liberals Really HATE This Pro-Gun Shirt…

If You LOVE Guns then You’ll Want to Wear this Shirt with Pride

Do You Support Gun Rights? Show it with this Awesome Tee Shirt!

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2nd Amendment Shirt

Attn 2nd Amendment Supporters: This Shirt is for YOU!

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The 2nd Amendment Needs Your Help! Show Your Support with this T-Shirt.

2nd Amendment Coin

Gun Owners! Get Your 2nd Amendment Commemorative Coin Here…

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Firearms Survival Plans

Gun Rights are Under Assault! Controversial Book Reveals How to Protect Your Rights

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Pro Gun Yard Flags

These Pro Gun Flags are the Perfect Gift for Any Firearms Supporter!

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Poll Cross Promos

Poll: Was Obama One Of The Greatest Presidents?

YES OR NO: Is Obama One Of Our Greatest Presidents?

VOTE: Do You Support The Second Amendment?

POLL: Should Pro Athletes Respect The Anthem?

YES OR NO: Should Pro Athletes Who Disrespect The Anthem Be Fired?