Jen Psaki Faces Difficult Choice of Betraying Biden

Andrew Bailey, the Attorney General of Missouri, has accused the Biden administration of working with media and tech companies to suppress the viewpoints of certain individuals. According to the lawsuit, content was labeled “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “mal-information” in an effort to silence prominent figures like Tucker Carlson, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Tomi Lahren. It has also been reported that the White House pressured social media platforms and Google to remove any content that differed from its narrative.

In an attempt to uncover more information about this alleged scheme, Republican attorneys general sought a deposition from Jen Psaki, former press secretary at the White House. However, their request was denied by the 5th Circuit Court due to lack of evidence showing Psaki had unique information requiring her removal as an executive officer. The court also cited her role as press secretary is primarily focused on informing media about administration policies rather than formulating or implementing them. Moreover they dismissed any involvement Psaki may have had in suppressing speech from certain individuals after she made a statement in support of removing “COVID disinformation” on social media sites.

Jeff Landry, Attorney General for Louisiana stated he was still planning on learning more about this matter despite court ruling against deposition but believes more evidence can be collected by attorneys general in order for Biden campaign avoid situation all together .

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