PPN 9/12

Condoleezza Rice Just Snapped And Said One Thing About N. Korea That Has Trump Cheering Like Crazy!

Stephen King Bans Trump From His Movies, Instantly Gets Surprise Ban He Didn’T Expect

Bid to Shore up Obamacare Faces Time Crunch, Conservative Countereffort

Irma Eyes The U.S.: ‘Everybody Is Panicked’; Shelves Empty; Gas Pumps Run Dry

Hillary Clinton Just Destroyed Bernie Sanders And The Democrats For 2020

Trump’s deal with Democrats will disappoint GOP: Marsha Blackburn

Trump Tells Congress ‘Do Your Job’ to Help DACA Beneficiaries

Japan Prepares for Mass Evacuation as Kim Jong-un Becomes More Unhinged

Shut Down: Disgusted Chuck Grassley Just Gave Comey The Worst News Of His Life

President Trump Participates in a Tax Reform Event with Workers from the Energy Sector

De Facto Martial Law Declared Ahead Of Hurricane: Virgin Islands Authorizes National Guard To Confiscate Guns, Property And Supplies

Women’s Gun Rights Advocacy Group Springs Up In Unlikely Place

Perfect: Sean Spicer Just Got A Brand New Job That Will Make Trump Proud

What Trump’s repeal of DACA means for immigrants

McCain now says he’ll back last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare

California Law Appears Determined To Drive Gun Stores Out Of Business

Comey And Mueller Attacking Trump To Cover Massive Crimes They Have Committed

Why Trump sided with Democrats to extend debt ceiling

Trump overrules GOP with deal on spending, debt, Harvey aid

Watch: Bannon Breaks His Silence After Leaving the White House — Throws Punches Left & Right

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