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OMG: Top Democrat Just Revealed One Secret Thing About Impeaching Trump Dems Want Hidden

Trump Singles out Missouri Senator in Tax Reform Speech

James Comey Reportedly Cleared Clinton in FBI Probe Before Ever Interviewing Her

Maxine Waters: ‘I think too much credit is given to presidents about how the markets are working…’


Senator Feinstein Flipped! Look What Shocking Thing She Says About Supporting Trump

Is Trump listening to Sen. Schumer on tax reform?

Autonomous Planes now weaponized as pesticide delivery platforms to inundate farmland with toxic chemicals

I Was In Law Enforcement. Believe Me, You Need To Carry A Firearm Every Day

Mueller Wrecker: Republicans Just Gave Mueller Bad News And Trump Needs To See It ASAP

McCain more concerned about opposing Trump than on America’s direction: Rep. Duffy

Obama’s Letter to Trump on Inauguration Day has Been Uncovered — Neither of The Presidents Have Spoken Since

Harvey damage could climb to $180 billion

Crooked Hillary Just Announced The Unthinkable About Wanting An Election Re-Do

Breaking! Look what President Trump just posted on Twitter!

North Korea claims breakthrough: Hydrogen bomb warheads and EMP weapons… it’s time for Trump to deal with Kim Jong-Un

Opioid epidemic reaches whole new crisis level as Big Pharma drugs out America for profit

Trump Just Put His Foot Down And Shook The World To The Core With His Latest Demand

A-L-E-R-T: Rothschild Pulls Alot Of Money Out Of U.S.—Ominous Things Are Coming…

Trump decides to end DACA, with 6-month delay

World War 3? The United States And North Korea Stand On The Brink Of A Nuclear War

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