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The USA is a PARALYZED Country and they don’t care…

Tucker Carlson remembers the life of P.J. O’Rourke

 Whoopi Returns to The View and it’s not pretty…

Watters: Trudeau getting his chance to play dictator??


EPIC FAIL: Attempting to ‘overthrow’ Trump…

Singles acting more ‘progressive’ to get dates

Tucker Carlson remembers the life of P.J. O’Rourke

Here’s why no one trusts CNN


YOU CAN’T RUN…The Left have assumed control. 

Kayleigh McEnany torches ‘elitist’ Justin Trudeau

Trump-brokered PEACE deal leads to historic Israeli visit

Tomi Lahren: Americans want to know if they were lied to


Anthony Wiener’s SHOCKING answer when asked if he’s changed

DISTURBING NEWS…Kids in the battleine ???

Biden dodges questions on Russia-Ukraine conflict

Hannity: Hillary’s dirty Russian dossier

PMN (6)

Why the market is under a LOT of pressure right now…

HEAR THE GOP FEAR in the distance…

Cyberattacks on Ukraine is ‘only beginning’ from Russia

Trudeau is afraid of Canadians who support freedom

SEC chair on Ripple saga: ‘Register within the LAW’

This is how Americans’ private information could be swept up by the CIA

PPG (No feed)

SHOCKING: GOP Senator “You’ll get NO help evacuating  Americans”

CNN’s news room is just plain NUTS!

The Enemy Within

Donald Trump: Clinton spying is ‘FAR BIGGER’ than Watergate

PPG2 (No feed)

YES! Trump Drops Another Bombshell On Media…

Remington Pays $73M in Sandy Hook Settlement

Truckers are NOT leaving despite Trudeau invoking emergency powers

Greg Kelly: Ultimately, he’s always right…

PNN (No feed)

THIS is an attack on our democracy

TRAITOR! This dirt-bag plan to ‘thwart’ Donald Trump

New York man charged with threatening to KILL Donald Trump

Church voids thousands of baptisms over one-word mistake

PNN2 (No feed)

Giuliani laughs out loud at this EXCUSE for Clinton spying

MURDERS IN THE USA: Dems weak leadership to blame

White House refuses comment on evidence Hillary spied on Trump

Kennedy: Trudeau accused of tyranny amid crackdown of trucker protest

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