Scott 2/18


BREAKING: Trump Hints At This Dream

Mom RIPS School ” They Forced Her to Wear a Face Cover”

Migrants seized during ride-along with Jaeson Jones

 Defense Website Hacked! Russia Is ACTUALLY Increasing Troops Says Nato

Truckers react to Trudeau using emergency powers


IT’S OVER! Look What Is Lighting Up In New Orleans

Greg Kelly: The cheapest, dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Meet Biden’s New “Diversity” Hire 

The NYPD’s Secret Surveillance Fund


“LOCK HER UP!!”: Hillary shouted at in this Major City

Nobody will ever fill Rush Limbaugh’s shoes 

Biden “Accidentally Admits” He’s Doing What Media Ripped Trump For

Hillary Clinton fuels speculation of 2024 run with new speech


INSANE Video Exposes PRE-SCHOOL Teaching Gender Identity

Ted Nugent announces he will be joining the People’s Convoy 

Hillary FINALLY Breaks Silence on Spy Allegations

Tucker: When will Joe Biden stop talking about this?


Why Dems are losing voters faster than CNN is losing viewers

School board member curses at parent who refused to wear mask

Biden, Harris poll numbers tanking in liberal California

The NYPD’s Secret Surveillance Fund


Parent gets ASSAULTED for not wearing mask at school board meeting

Google planning changes to tracking apps, TikTok trying to bypass protections

Disney to develop ‘Storyliving’ residential communities 

The crazy discussion about the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


EPIC FAIL…Hillary’s speculation of 2024 run 

Amazon drops BLM from its charity platform…

Varney: Here come the American truckers!

Gen. Jack Keaneiden Biden has contributed to rising gas prices


Our TERRIFYING future…there’s no way out. 

Sen. Kennedy: Americans more concerned about ‘Joe-flation’ than Ukraine

Heart Warming: Sleepy Fox Plays in Snow in Colorado

Sen. Braun on government shutdown: Senate ‘kicking the can down the road’ on US debt


Biden admin does NOT have a handle on Russia-Ukraine conflict

GO USA! America’s children are amazing

China Rolls Out Digital Yuan for Foreigners at the Olympics 

Bitcoin historian reacts to SEC and wants answers


FED UP: Americans are DONE with these Tyrannical Czars

“Rush was right”: celebrating the life of Rush Limbaugh

Today’s Read, The New Taurus G3X Gun Review!

Trump was right about NATO 



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