Scott 2/28


THIS BREW IS FOR YOU!:  Down one for Ukraine

McEnany and  Hegseth celebrate patriotism at CPAC 2022

UNITY: More than 100,000 attend anti-war protest in Berlin

Video: The “Real” Democrat Attitude On Increasing Taxes


BOO-HOO! Behar: “The War Is Ruining My Vacation Plans”…

‘How America Works’ follows fishermen facing obstacles at sea

Leftist Media Are On The Hunt For A News Personality & Psaki Could Be Their Mule

$3.4 million Florida home built for a famous quarterback


REPORT: Dr. Oz: Voters’ number one issue is…

The #1 Concern With Virtual Reality and the Metaverse 

Ben Shapiro REACTS to Kamala Harris’ Biggest Fails

Finnish Ambassador responds to Moscow threat


Why Putin would have MAJOR issues if he took over Ukraine

Rick Scott: Why would you want to be dependent on Putin?

Pro-basketball player flees ‘escalating’ Ukraine crisis, teammates left behind

McEnany slams Biden on Russia sanctions: ‘What are you waiting for, Joe?’


LIFE OR DEATH: An American’s 20-hour trek

Sen. Lankford :Biden is more worried about TREES than Ukraine

Get this…Ukraine breweries help in fight against Russia

The 28th SAG Awards…look who SMASHED IT! 


TRUMP TO AMERICA: We broke the record again!!!

Teacher PUNISHED After Video Surfaces, “Conservatives Need to Die”

Separated from family, Ukrainian father describes escaping Kyiv

Trudeau ENDS ‘Back the Blue!’ Canadian Gestapo TURN on Own Citizens


WOW: Donald Trump – We’re Coming Back

Condoleezza Rice: Maybe Putin bit off more than he can chew

Time to Leave TikTok and Here’s Why

Morgan Ortagus: Biden’s economic sanctions won’t work


CLOWN SHOW: John Kerry Worried Russian Invasion Could Affect Climate Change

Schumer SHOCKS Senators – Proposes Bill To Allow Abortion Right Up To Birth

Finally!  NY to lift mask mandate in schools

SpaceX’s Elon Musk activates Starlink service in Ukraine amid Russian invasion

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