Scott 2/8


AMBUSH! The far-left nut crying over Joe Rogan

The collapse of CNN 

Freedom Convoy Demonstrator: SHOUTS we are “Tired of Being Sorry”

Will a ‘Great Awakening’ prevent an American CIVIL WAR?


WAR REPORT: Russian military deployment ‘staggering’

Killing the belief that ‘life is cheap’ 

 Biden Announces “Successful Execution” Of Terrorist Leader

Tucker: Crumbling regimes always resort to this..


SHOCKING: 7 Out of 10 Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck!

Biden admin ‘actively harming’ Americans by not doing this

NBC pulls Mike Waltz Ads for criticizing Olympics!!!!

CLINTON AIDE is tied to the Joe Rogan takedown


THIS IS AWESOME! President Trump reveals his ‘No. 1 thing now’

This is the DUMBEST political reaction in 25 years

Trump urges Joe Rogan not to apologize: ‘Don’t let them make you look weak’

DeSantis: Biden presidency ‘golden age’ for cartels


Huckabee: WARNS, they just think they’re BETTER than the rest of us… 

CCH (6)

SHOCKING FOOTAGE!  Desperate Children Eating Garbage to Survive

An Atheist’s Take on Christianity & the Power of Truth

Oscars nominations: Surprises and snubs

How can I be Salt & Light to my Community? 

Gas prices spike and WHO’S to blame? 

Rubio Slams January 6th Committee  on ‘Complete Partisan Scam’


THIS is as  ‘MAGA’ as it gets!

Marco Rubio shreds AOC’s beliefs about capitalism

FACT: People DON’T give S**T about the Joe Rogan Spotify controversy

The WEEK Left’s Quest to Destroy Joe Rogan


TRIGGERED Blue States Reverse Rules On Mask Mandates 

Trump is RIGHT!! Warns of Iran having nuclear weapons ‘very soon’

Woman HOWLS on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’

Sean Spicer agrees with Al Sharpton on this 

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