Scott 3/18


The brutal toll on American living…

WNBA star Brittney Griner still jailed in Russia

PayPal extends its service to help Ukraine

Gutfeld: Talk about collusion amount the…


The ANGER of an American killed in Ukraine

So what if we send Ukraine MiGs???

Deaths rise in Ukraine, children among the dead

This is one of Biden’s top 3 worst mistakes


Biden MUST to do this during his call with Xi Jinping

Pelosi ridiculed about ‘bizarre’ behavior to Ukraine

Pain in the A@@ at the pump

Gen. Jack Keane: How the conflict in Ukraine translates to China


This is what Biden could learn from a REAL hero…

Ukraine airspace is more precarious than anyone realizes

China might want to distance itself from Russia 

Who is the Woman Russian Protestor on TV Newscast


High Gas Prices: Americans Doing Illegal Things To Get Gas…

Former GULF Oil CEO: Biden is lying

Pastor to Putin: ‘You’re not God’

China’s relationships with Russia and the West


NEWS NOW: Biden stopped secret CIA training program in Ukraine

Judge Jeanine calls Kamala Harris an ’embarrassment’

Bill Barr reacts to Hunter Biden news, cartel violence

Police to Americans: To Stay On HIGH ALERT While At The Pump


The greatest ‘media manipulation’ in modern US history

Don Jr.’s Tribute to Breitbart: “We Gotta Fight the Way He Fought”

Tik Tock: Dancing FedEx driver shows off viral moves!!

Ted Cruz: Biden is scared of standing up to Putin


Important Read : How they lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop

Hannity: Biden is dragging his feet on this…

Tucker noted “we know this is a highly dangerous situation”

13-year-old  behind wheel of fatal Texas bus crash


DISTURBING NEWS: Russia to use Biological or Nuclear Weapons?

US news: 2 killed, 2 injured in shooting on Florida transit bus

Mmmmmmmm American Cheese Moment

Bioweapon warfare?


WE Demand Answers From ATF Re: Form 1 Suppressor Denials

Greg Kelly: Trump was right about Hunter Biden’s laptop

LOL!!!! Biden Goes on BIZARRE Rant About Pictures of Naked peeps!

EXCLUSIVE: American’s heading to Ukraine to provide treatment for children


The Elites DON’T Care About Your Lives.

Kilmeade: Russia hasn’t been able to take a major city in Ukraine

Sorry Mom and Dad: No more sharing passwords

White House “In cahoots” With TikTok Stars to war lies!


What the Fed’s interest rate hike means for you

Parents… train your kids to BE AWARE of sicko Leftists 

‘We are all Americans’: George Takei on attacks on Asian Americans

Oooooop! CNN’s collapse just got a lot messier


Heartbreaking cost to the ‘lifeblood of the American farmer’

Even your DOG hates Jon Stewart

The Biggest Winners In The Ukraine War

NASA Fires Back At Russian Video Threatening US In Space Race

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