Scott 3/2


BREAKING!  Trump: Our country’s going to hell

Decades-old love letters found

Baseball News: Opening day canceled

Ted Cruz slams Biden’s State of the Union speech


HEARTBREAK of The 677,000…

Gaetz reacts to Biden SOTU: “Regurgitated failure”

New data released from the CDC on omicron subvariant

Mitch McConnell: Biden deserves to be in a tough position


LOL “They can come take it!”

Cheney Wants US To Be More Involved in Ukraine Conflict

Something Went Very Wrong at Biden’s State of the Union Address

Everybody is a soldier in Ukraine-Russia war


DELUSIONAL: Hillary Lashes Out At Trump

Sean Duffy on Biden’s SOTU: Who’s going to remember?

State wants man’s custom “LGB FJB” license plate back

Ted Cruz Gives Psaki “New Nickname” 


INVASION: New ‘Digital ID’ to control EVERYTHING

Could Men Make Millions Selling Sperm?

Biden Turns On “Defund The Police” Agenda In SOTU Speech

Dr. Oz makes case to ‘MAGA’ voters “Trust Me”


THE HELL WITHIN: Suffering in Ukraine

Ukrainians to Russian Troops: ‘Go home while you are alive’

Biden announces release of 60 million barrels of oil

Expert warns this market ‘given up for dead’ by US


THIS could pull US into Russia-Ukraine War

Ummmm… China funding Russia’s War Machine?

‘We’re tired of the theater’: Kim Reynolds gives GOP response

Would Putin use nuclear weapons? 


Biden Targets 2nd Amendment In State of the Union Address

BUCKLE UP PRINCESS: Look who’s at your door…

Texas voters react to Biden’s State of the Union speech

Surefire’s NEW Turbo Lights “Light Up” The Dark

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