Scott 3/29


Gas prices near $10 per gallon in California

Hollywood insider reveals backstage story of Will Smith slap 

The Dramatic dog rescue in LA

Ted Cruz slams Biden’s $5.8T budget proposal


As Pressure Mounts To End The War, NATO Gives Warning To Putin

TikToker Claims GOD Is QUEER

Natural gas ‘large part’ of solution to climate goals, says industry leader

Shapiro REACTS to Will Smith SLAPPING Chris Rock


Drone footage shows destroyed houses in Mariupol

Rep. Kat Cammack Biden admin has ‘ZERO regard for law and order’

“Trainwreck” Trump ,Says Biden is “Kill the American Dream”

Hunter Biden NOT mentioned in media for 259 days???


Will this law FINALLY stop government from SPYING on us?!

Pat Fallon“I wish he would zip his mouth and take action”

 PM Trudeau Slammed in Europe For Stripping Freedom From His Citizens

Californians getting sick of $10 per gallon 


Air travel hell: What is Mayor Pete doing about airline crisis?

US satellite company helping Ukraine goes live on the market

Piers Morgan announces exciting new show

Rep. Matt Rosendale “Biden admin has been slow on gas permits”

AVP (No Feed)

Tucker: Biden can’t regulate his emotions

BREAKING! Russian negotiators call new peace talks ‘constructive’

Don’t Look up! Thousands of snow geese migrating north

More than 2.3 million Ukrainians have escaped to Poland


‘It’s Ridiculous’: Joe Biden Fires Back At Reporters…

‘The Five’ react to Will Smith’s Oscar’s outburst

NYC Mayor SHOCKED EVERYONE Who He Asked to Help Him Fix Soaring Crime

Americans want Republicans in control of Congress


White House in Disarray as Biden Calls for Russian Regime Change 

Pete Hegseth: Biden created confusion and uncertainty

Hunter Biden’s laptop COULD be a national security threat

Tucker: You are not allowed to ask this..

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