Scott 3/7


New York Times refused to run THIS ad

 ‘Angel of Lviv’ helps thousands flee Ukraine

Gas prices hit HARD in some US cities

Judge Throws Out NY AG’s Attempt To Disband NRA

McConell Blasts Biden’s SOTU Over Iran “You’re Wrong”


Hannity Suggesting NATO SHOULD Get Involved Against Russia

WNBA player detained in Russia with no hope of getting out.

Gen. Kellogg:Putin does not bluff

CNN Biased Poll Still Shows Biden In Major Trouble


THANKS JOE: Gas prices $7 in some US cities

New Show, The Forensic Files Comes to Fox Nation

The Public Deception of The New York Times

This Democrat Donkey ‘LEG’ is about to collapse


More Police Ambushed As Shootings Reaches SHOCKING Numbers

IN THE DARK: “Who Turned On Our Lights”

Trey Gowdy: Americans are inspired and outraged!

Enjoy Jail! Chicago Dem Hit With These Federal Corruption Charges


‘EXTREME’ consequences unless Biden drills for oil NOW

Chinese are watching Russia, Ukraine ‘very carefully’

Russia’s Ukraine invasion. The means to an End…

Wow! New Springfield Hellcat Pro Gun Review


WAR FOR OIL?! You can bank on it. 

Get this! Billionaire supermarket owner torches Biden…

Buy or Sell??? Bitcoin dips below $40K AGAIN.

The Question…Food or Gas? Family’s Feeling The Pressure


The DAMMING Impact of social media censorship

The Positive on The Negative Of Survival

Bumpstock Case Appealed To Supreme Court

Giffords Group Lashes Out At 2A Advocates!


How Russia’s Ukraine invasion might come to an end

DeSantis Releases MUST SEE Touching Video As Wife Is Cancer-Free

Arkansas congressman rips Biden on ‘Big Gaping Hole’

Nuke and Nuts: Russia warns that a WWIII is coming


Shootings Against Police: The Shocking Numbers

Refugee emergency in Ukraine intensifies

Say What??? Ukrainian soldiers get…

Humor Bone: 1000’s of sheep march down avenue in Paris

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