Scott 3/9


SHOCKED: Biden working with Putin???

Ukraine President Given Award Reagan Would Be Proud Of

White House at odds as Poland sends fighter jets to Ukraine

Tight squeeze as gas hits $7.00 per gallon


Middle East: Call from Biden for more oil reportedly denied

 Pirates Booty! 1915 explorer’s ship that sunk discovered

Florida has passed the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Music: Dual lawsuits for Dua Lipa


This is no longer incompetence, it’s vindictive

Tucker: You are about to get a lot poorer

Ex-EPA official rips Biden: Trump banned Iranian oil and this never happened

LGBT+ Trans-Kid Welcomed In Oregon, Thanks Texas! 


BIG News About Trump’s Twitter Account???

Laid-off pipeline worker: Biden’s policies screwing the US

Not over yet!  Freedom Convoy Takes DC.

MUST READ: There Is “New Extremism” Infiltrating The Democrat Party


Shhhh… “Don’t Say Gay” in Florida. 

Venezuela releases 2 detained American

Oil and gas exec: WE NEED access to federal lands, waters.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? 


Backing the Blue: Retired cop acquitted for…

Tucker: DeSantis humiliates reporter for asking this question

Satellite Images Show Destroyed Ukraine Bridge as Civilians Cross to Safety

Biden is once again ‘misleading’ the American people


MSNBC Host says supporting Ukraine is racist!

Jim Jordan DESTROYS Witness with Simple Question on CRT

SHOCK: Biden working with Putin to resuscitate Obama’s Iran deal

Constitutional Carry Update!!


Real US Gas Prices HIGHER Than Post-Apocalyptic Movie Prices

Kirby: US investing in new weapons capabilities amid Russia’s invasion

Do Russian oligarchs have the power to make Putin do something different?

DeSantis Shuts Down Reporter After He Tried To Twist The Narrative


Florida’s state Senate has passed the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

‘Squad’ member under fire for blasting Ukraine aid

How Sanctioning Russia Will RUIN America

Meghan McCain rips Stephen Colbert’s solution to surging gas prices

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