Scott 4/15


Texas gov. vows to continue truck inspections…

Kravchuk: Putin can’t scare the US

Elon Musk is the right ‘medicine’ for Twitter

Meet the man REALLY running Biden’s White House


LOL! Biden’s smear of border agents falls apart

Dems need to ‘brace for impact’ as midterms loom

Tucker: Elon Musk is putting everything on the line

Why The Daily Wire Is Getting Into Kids Content


Sucker-punchers, stabbers, and murders Oh My! 

Biden Ramps up Bulls**t List Of Reasons Nothing Is His Fault

Gov. Abbott: Mexico must step up!

SICKNESS: New Poll Could Spell DOOM For Democrats In The Midterms


‘Libs of Tik Tok’ creator speaks on Big Tech punishments

Judge Jeanine: This will be a political ‘massacre’ for Democrats

Biden delivers more lies on his efforts to rebuild supply chains

Will It Actually Happen? Here’s the Problem…


NO MORE! Sleepy Joe keeping Americans masked up

Boston gangster’s nephew linked to Hunter Biden…

Governor Youngkin Gave a HUGE GIFT To Law Enforcement

U.S. can’t confirm Russian warship was hit by Ukrainian Missile


Sen. Kennedy: Woke Democrats want to ‘beat the crap out of’ America

WTH??? Home for sale with someone already living downstairs


HELLO? Biden and the Democrats are completely…


Hunter Biden is a friend to China and we ALL know it. 

Remembering Jackie Robinson’s legacy

Genius Group on a mission to remodel the global education?

Listen Up! A DoggFather Moment


This is how the far-left RECRUITS Americans into its CULT

“F*** You” Is Not An Argument

Brooklyn shooter Frank James facing terror-related charges

Pentagon: The significance of Russia’s loss of a warship in Black Sea


SINKING efforts to rebuild the supply chains

New Oklahoma law makes abortions virtually illegal in the state

Pfizer: COVID booster provides strong immune support in children ages 5-11

Woman who lost son in Ukraine has message for Putin


This Sheriff says “shut down the ports!!!”

Dr. Oz: A true honor to be endorsed by 45

Do Black radical extremists hate Law Enforcement?

Senators Move To Block Biden’s New Rule!


Like Covid:  Government’s Reaction To this Makes Everything  Worse

Take time to Remember the importance of Easter and Passover

Ingraham: Don’t borrow what you can’t pay back

How Putin stole all their money


“You’re Screwed!” Former Clinton pollster sends dire warning to Dems

More Woke Democrats want to ‘beat the s**t out of’ America

No one wants to shake his hand. His babysitters have given up, too

Tim Burchett slams Biden admin on inflation


How Dems have been using immigrants as props

It’s Happening….just don’t look. 

Texas gov. “Open Up You Fools” on border security

Biden’s Shanghai SILENCE shows he’s been BOUGHT by China


Elon Musk won’t buy Twitter, but this person will

Hungry? Inflation is a direct result of Biden’s bad decisions

The ‘Great Reset’.  America what’s to come?

Former McDonald’s CEO: The Government is freaking clueless…


Chris Christie exposes GOP Secret Plan against Donald Trump

Amazing 103 year old WWII Veteran shares his story

Elon Musk take on the progressive left

Hunter Biden: The dam is breaking…


This SCOTUS Case Will Decide The Fate Of The America Dream …

CIA Admits Feeding Americans False Info About Ukraine

 Texas Just Stuck Biden’s “Open Border Policy” Rap Right Back In His Mug

It’s ALL good: Climate Change Isn’t An Emergency…

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