Scott 4/20


Psaki CRIES Over Florida Anti-Grooming Bill

This Clip Of Kamala Talking To The Space Force Is Hard To Watch

Wounded veterans compete in Invictus Games

Everything we hold dear is now on the line


Texas AG: Terrorists are in the US because of Biden’s border

Biden tells Obama “I’m running for reelection in 2024”

CDC NEVER had this authority

Tucker: A intimidation campaign against ‘Libs of TikTok’


BOOM: Trump Just Changed the 2022 Election

Is US and NATO doing enough to help Ukraine?

Oh No! Jen Psaki breaks down over Florida law

Dem Candidate Opens An Only Fans Account


LOL: Easter Bunny BLOCKS Biden From PRESS

Like A Fairy Tale, This Message In A Bottle Saved Stranded Sailors Lives

Econ Professor ‘You can’t message a disaster’

Misgendering??? Ohio University to pay HUGE SUM! 


Elon Musk Agrees WOKENESS is RUINING Netflix! Here’s How

Sen. Ron Johnson: This is a disaster and the mainstream media is ignoring it

New mask guidance leaves millions navigating changed rules

Russia minister “The next phase of Ukraine invasion”


This could sink Hillary Clinton once and for all

This is why Lib Netflix consumers are canceling

Joe Concha: “This shows you the unpopularity of Kamala”

Rogan gives it up to Elon Musk on being a Rock Star


Is Biden TRYING To Worsen Our Border Crisis?

Kayleigh McEnany: There are a lot of things for Psaki to cry about

Apple hits up Dr. Jane Goodall on climate issues 

Florida lawmakers to vote on DeSantis’ new congressional map 


Dem Senator Calls For Move That Would IGNITE WW3

“Food is not just for eating’ says for WH Chef

Sara Carter encounters women at border stranded by human smugglers

They wanted to intimidate me into silence…


Mask Off! Should We Applaud End Of Mask Tyranny?

Varney: “The Democrats are extremely nervous”

Marjorie Taylor Greene  “It’s a DAMN scam”

Karl Rove: Inflation will dominate the midterms


EXPOSED: Far-left efforts to mind control the youth of the nation

Biden’s economic report mentions gender, inequality more than inflation

Miami ‘hopes’ to help GOP win youth votes

Finally Elon Musk exposed Twitter censorship!


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