Scott 4/25


Former Trump adviser: This would have been ‘poetic justice’

Rep. Cuellar pressed by FBI after home was raided: ‘We will cooperate’

This is what controls the entire US southern border

American is tired of the pandemic but is the CDC Libs? 


This is proof left is FINALLY CRUMBLING

Zelenskyy meets with US officials about war in Ukraine

19 times…Hunter Biden’s business partner visited White House

DeSantis BACKS Musk And Makes Moves…


Piers Morgan: Joe Biden is in big trouble

“SEWAGE:” Morning Joe RAGES After Elon Musk Tweets Something At Mika

Biden’s lack of success is his party’s downfall

Americans see the hypocrisy of the Left and Nancy Pelosi


Florida’s Parental Rights Law Could Start a WAR

Kellyanne Conway: Biden is failing in front of us

Woke Disney was dishonest about Florida’s parental rights law

Federal probe into Hunter Biden’s finances expands out to family


Gov. Abbott: This is the worst I’ve ever seen

How Social Media Could Cause America’s COLLAPSE

Why Are Airlines Restraining People with Duct Tape?

Ukraine can defeat Russian army if US helps with this


The US ‘doomed for failure’ if we don’t change this

Arizona AG Brnovich warns against lifting Title 42

Hillary and DNC pulled Trump colluding with Russia ‘out of thin air’

American public ‘ We are done’! 


Disney can’t have it’s woke cake and eat it too…

Kamala Delivers STUPIDEST Speech on Space

George P. Bush: ‘We need to keep Title 42’

Ex Trump advisor on Kevin McCarthy bashing Trump


Devin Nunes,”This is the future of taking on woke companies”

How FAKE CNN+ Became a Catastrophe

‘Slow-moving trainwreck’ Biden losing Hispanic voters?

24 reasons why Biden’s idea of 2024 is ‘absurd and offensive’ to America


Mike Rowe slams Dem’s call for $30 minimum wage: ‘Why not $50?’

This will hurt! Recession expected outside the US thanks to Biden

The TRUTH that BLM has blood on their hands

Diamond and Silk say a prayer for the United States of America


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