Scott 5/20


Biden admin KNEW about baby formula shortage in February

This will be the “summer of rage’ after Roe v. Wade leak

Sen. Lindsey Graham“Biden’s policies are dumb and dangerous”

Levin: Biden has brought in an American recession


Kamala Harris SLAMMED for ‘missing in action’ at southern border

Twitter cracks down on misleading information

Tucker: We’ve just moved one step closer to tyranny

Democrats are guilty of treachery they project onto others 


Monkeypox outbreak EXPANDS across the US

Hunter made $11M from Ukraine firm accused of bribery

Summer gas price surge and hitting the US truck drivers hard. 

Karl Rove: Republican enthusiasm is real in the primaries:


Kamala Harris does NOT intend to address this crisis

Complete Clown ?

House Republicans call to DEFUND the World Health Organization

Tammy Bruce: This is what American Democracy is supposed to be


This man should have NEVER been president

Trish Regan: Democrats can curb inflation, but why they won’t.

Ex-Pres of Ukraine: You cannot imagine how important this symbol is

Biden’s ‘Disinfo Board’ RIP? Don’t Hold Your Breath!


Democrats pushing a NEW ‘war on terror’ on American citizens

The baby formula shortage was kept quite…

Rand Paul: SCOTUS leaker should be prosecuted

Biden ‘OK-ed’ violent protests says…


Texas governor SOUNDS the Title 42 alarm as law wanes

Oh No!!! Biden’s Quinnipiac rating plunges to new low

White House:  A new mess of projects underway to help ‘Modernize America’

BURN…Peter Doocy Owns New Press Secretary on First Day


Hunter and the $11 MILLION dollar hustle from Ukraine

McEnany burns Biden’s crisis response on bay formula “Always late to the party”

Leftist ESG policies are DESTROYING oil & gas on purpose

The inside on the monkeypox virus


Hunter Biden ‘probable cover up’ WILL be released real soon

DeSantis: Biden should be given ‘honorary membership’ from cartels

Students and teachers attest  free speech in US classrooms

So long vacation…stocks slide as gas prices hit record highs


Jim Jordan BLASTS FBI, spells out how Trump will change the bureau in 2024

Trump lawyer nails Hillary Clinton with collusion in Sussman trial

Biden Using Calamity To Attack 2nd Amendment Rights

Rob Schmitt: Look at what they’re doing

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