Scott 5/27


Congress SLAMS Madison Cawthorn With Interrogation

Biden’s economy is run by fools says the GOP

WARNING! Blackouts, brownouts will result of Biden’s energy policies

‘The Justice System IS controlled by the Dems’ 


Overheard: Trump has ‘unfinished business’ with this…

Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann says NO to taking the stand

The best and worst times to travel this summer

More reasons why Beto O’Rourke is the SCUM of Texas


The villainous Hillary Clinton dances with the DNC

LEAKED China’s possible plan to INVADE Taiwan?

“The Great Reset” World Economic Forum is a socialist dream

SHOCKING Answers From Biden on Changing The 2nd Amendment


IT BEGINS: Trump Shares Crippling Warning…

Major US Insurance On Transgender Media Gets INSTANT Karma

WOKE Disney Broadcasts Unbelievable Special for Kids

Rove: This was a total political circus from the start…


Democrats are wasting NO time screwing America

Rob Schmitt: Our society is severely broken

Proud Fox Nation TV honors Memorial Day

Whoopi Goldberg Retaliates Against Archbishop


The REAL story on why The Disinformation Board was dissolve

Biden signs executive order modernizing law enforcement policies

Latest AP Poll: Americans Dissatisfied On Ukraine Aid

BLM Makes TWISTED $200k Move Against Police…


‘Biden Let The Cat Out Of The Bag’:  Forbes Calls Out POTUS

NO POWER? … You can thank Biden’s energy policies

Art Laffer: The administration has ZERO restraint on spending

Is Elon Musk’s Twitter buy a “good thing for the country?


Florida Sen. Rick Scott says Biden should hang it up you old fool…

North Korea tackles Covid With Painkillers, Lockdowns and TV Health Ads

Sit your A@@ Down  Beto O’Rourke!

Another shipment of baby formula from overseas is in port! 


Memorial Day travelers hitting the road amid EPIC HIGH gas prices

McEnany: Truly the most shameful things I’ve ever witnessed…

Don’t Read: This is an absolute scandal at its core

Kellyanne Conway reports Trump has ‘unfinished business’ with these folks


Devin Nunes: Hillary Clinton played ‘DIRTY’ with Trump in 2016

Obama really tweeted this???

Chris Salcedo: “I’m so done with Democrats and their BS”

TX Governor is RIGHT  “We need to do something about mental health”

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