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Sen. Kennedy: Biden’s speech was a cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid

Trump lawyer: I’m not sure why they would object to a special master


Tucker Carlson:  Biden really crossed over into a dangerous place

 Biden’s speech was disgusting and is disgraceful says, Rick Santorum 


Tucker Carlson roasts Kamala Harris for saying ‘womankind’ 

Biden blasts ‘MAGA Republicans’ as a threat to our democracy


Devin Nunes: There’s fake news about ‘Truth Social’

Report card is in for COVID’s ‘devastating’ impact on learning


Jared Kushner: Trump is definitely NOT happy about this

CNN Scrambling To Save Dying Show With Pathetic Move…


Tucker Carlson asks “Does this make you nervous?”

‘Despicable’: Kari Lake rips divisive Biden speech about Republicans


Sen. Kennedy: Biden’s speech was a cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid

Whitaker: This is not the America most people want


DOJ faces off with former President Trump

Tucker Carlson: DeSantis just outed Fauci as an elf 


We found kids were learning a lot of ‘woke ideology’: Lara Trump

Biden is effectively declaring war on half the country


Jenna Ellis: This photo is mere theatrics and proves nothing…

Democrats are laying the groundwork for a SURGE in violent crime


Americans…we  have a President who hates half of America!

Biden Doesn’t want you to Watch this Ad Mocking His Student Loan Bailout


Lawrence Jones: If you can’t unite Americans, you’re a worthless president

The Best Way to Destroy a Country Is from Within…


Facebook’s Metaverse Could Be Overrun By Deep Fakes

Biden CLUELESS as he admits he doesn’t know if his staff has student loans

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