TP 8/23-28

Alert: Gingrich Just Sounded The Alarm And Gave Trump Exactly What He Needs To Save His Presidency

Ignorant Leftists Sign Petition to Remove George Washington from Dollar Bill

ESPN Talkers Bash Trump, Praise Durant for Not Visiting White House

PBS, NPR Bury Their Own Poll Results on BLM, Antifa, and Confederate Statues

Revenge Of Bannon! His Next Move Is About To Shock The Entire World With Who Is In His Crosshairs

Former Secret Service Agent: We Need to Re-Humanize the Police [Video]

Trump cracks down on alt-left violence (about time!)

ABC, NBC Downplay Antifa’s ‘Urine’ Throwing Violence in Boston

Turn Off CNN: The Sick Thing Blitzer Just Said Proves Trump Was Totally Right

CNN’s Stelter: Should Journalists Start Questioning Trump’s Sanity?

Adam Schiff Not Asked About Trump-Russia Collusion on Tapper’s ‘State of the Union’

USA Today Sports Video Blasts Trump, Heralds Outspoken Left-Wing Athlete-Activists

Killshot: Liberals Freaking Out After What President Trump Just Said About Pigs Blood

President Hillary Clinton Brings World Peace in Alternate Reality on Showtime’s ‘Dice’

Liberals Demand CNN Grant Equal Time for Democrat Opponent at Paul Ryan Town Hall

NPR Race Panel Horrified by White GOP Women Asking Muslim Reporter About Sharia Law

Breaking: Trump Just Put An End To Highly Controversial Obama Operation – It’s Done

Bozell Blasts Chuck Todd for Giving Defender of Antifa Violence a Platform TWICE

MSNBC’s Johnson Sees Trump ‘Terrorist State,’ Cheers Abuse of Pro-Trumpers

Networks Punt on Bombing Plot Against Confederate Monument in Houston

Boom! Wasserman Just Got Devastating News From The Fbi After They Handed Down The Charges

O’Donnell Eagerly Hopes for Leaks on Afghanistan Troop Deployments

North Korea Vows ‘Merciless Retaliation’ as US Dismisses Calls to Pause Drills

ABC, NBC Dump Cold Water on Trump’s Afghanistan Plan Due to Bad Polls, Charlottesville

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