TP 8/9

After Gary Returned To The Studio Every DC Criminal Ran For The Hills

NBC’s Mitchell Thankful Senator Flake Denounced ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants

Dinesh D’Souza Points out the Real Fascists in America!

Jenner: What Trump Is Doing Is ‘Absolutely Awful’

McConnell Reveals his Reaction When Traitor McCain Killed Obamacare Repeal

New York Times Helps Antifa Soften Up Harmful Violent Stereotypes

Al Jazeera: Law Professor Writes Kaepernick Blackballed for Condemnation of White Supremacy

Spit Take: British Leftist Paper Claims Time Is ‘The Weekly Favoured by Trump’

Trump Has Truth On His Side In The Fight To Restore US Sovereignty

McMaster Worked at Think Tank Funded by Soros Group that Helped Sell Iran Nuclear Deal

HUD to Cease Obama Policy of Grant-Style Approach to Section 8 Housing

North Korea Vows Harsh Retaliation Against New UN Sanctions

Fox Analyst: Gen. Kelly Must Keep Memos Containing Alex Jones Theories Away From The President

Fake Analysis: WashPost’s Milbank Claims ‘There’s No Such Thing As a Trump Democrat’

California Kicks Federal Immigration Officers out of State Labor Offices!

WashPost’s RothKopf: ‘Liar’ Trump ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing’


Face Off: North Korea Just Threatened Trump And These Three U.S. Cities

Little Debbie Wasserman-Shultz Has ANOTHER New Excuse for Her IT Scandal [Video]

Chelsea Handler Wants To Restrict Free Speech (Except for Hers)

NYT’s Anti-Trump Hate Shows Up in Stories on ‘White Rage,’ Bridezillas


Pigs are Flying! CNN Just took President Trump’s Side…

Irony: Lower Corporate Tax Rates Are Top Priority for Media Companies

Bizarre and Hateful Netflix Series Depicts Reagan and Bush Defecating in Front of Staff

Hypocrisy: WashPost Gossip Slams Trump Aide’s ‘Posh’ Condo, Liberals Get a ‘Posh’ Pass

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