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Unbelievable! GOP Rep Meadows Drops Steele Dossier Bombshell On Live TV that’ll make Hillary Sweat!

Seal Calls Out Oprah Winfrey With 4 Deadly Words That Just Ended Any Hope of a Presidential Run

Allah Adios: Muslim Migrants Finally Get Deported from US Under Trump Admin

“This Is Not A Drill”: False Emergency Alert Warning Of Ballistic Missile Threat To Hawaii Terrorizes Citizens Across The State


It’s Happening! Russian Dossier FISA Docs Delivered To House Intel Committee Obama Admin On Notice

Singer Rejects Kiss From Transgender, Gets Labeled Transphobe

The Handmaid’s Tale Author Margaret Atwood Accused of Crimes Against Feminism for Defending Due Process

Cashless Society: Media Continues to Promote Cashless Campaign


One NEW Scandal Has Hillary Clinton Terrified That It’s All Over For Good

Trump’s pressure on North Korea has finally gotten Kim Jong Un’s attention: John Bolton

School Agrees to Pay $800,000 After Transgender Student Born Female Is Denied Use of Boys’ Bathrooms

Shock Video: Children Were Placed In Storm Drains During False Hawaii Ballistic Missile Warning


Busted! John McCain Officially Outed As Fusion GPS Secret Operative Used To Take Out Trump

Federal judge blocks Trump plan to roll back DACA

US Accuses Russia Of Interfering In Mexican Election That Hasn’t Even Happened Yet

Bitcoin Mining Fees Soar As China Crackdown Progresses


Failing NYT Makes Shocking Admission About Anti-Trump Movement That Is No Longer Possible to ignore

Owner Of Gun Store Attacked By ANTIFA Speaks About Other Attacks

Bill Introduced To Push Back NY SAFE Act Pistol Recert Deadlines

New Hampshire Bill to Unify Gun Laws & Penalize Those Who Defy State Law


He Did It! What Trump Just Signed For Vets Is Going To Save Hundreds Of Lives

Breaking: Biggest Lie Of Fusion GPS Scandal Exposed

LGBT World Finds Comfort in 2nd Amendment With “Pink Pistols” Group

Leftists Are Just Dying For a Concealed Carry Holder to Make a Mistake


Breaking: Trump Is Pissed As Clinton Judge Defies Him With Ruling That Illegals Will Love

O’Keefe Strikes Again: New Undercover Video Reveals The Sick thing Twitter is about to do to Trump

Ivanka Gives Surprising Response To Oprah’S Golden Globe Speech, Instantly Attacked By Hollywood

New arms race: Trump’s proposal aims for tactical nuclear warheads

Steve Bannon fancied himself the author of Trump’s agenda: Kennedy

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