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Media goes Bonkers after Trump Torches the immigration deal in ruthless manner

President Trump Should Hold Press Conference Exposing Clinton’s Robbery of Haiti

Big Ben and Queen’s Guard ‘targeted in planned attacks’ by British man ‘fascinated’ with Islamic State

Faith schools battle rages among Tories as Damian Hinds told to scrap cap on religious admissions


Watch Pelosi Short Circuit On C-Span In Pathetic Attempt to Derail Trump Tax Reform

Rand Paul: Donald Trump was ‘Large Financial Backer’ of Haiti Mission Trips When he Was Private Citizen

BREAKING: Huckabee Releases Audio That PRroves the WSJ Misquoted Trump!

“You Would Have To Pick Him Off The Floor”: Democratic Governor Threatens To Attack The President, Media Thinks It’s Hysterical


Media Blackout! Share This! Twitter Gets Exposed For Shadowbanning, O’Keefe Issues Call to Action

David Perdue On Trump’s Controversial Comments & Immigration Reform

Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK Issues False Alarm Over North Korean Missile Launch

ABC Anchor Meditates On How Liberal ‘Hearts Soar’ Over Robert Mueller


Right After Trump Says “Shithole” This Dem Launches New Effort To Take Out Trump Once and For all

Democrat Sen Dick Durbin has a history of fabricating stories from private White House meetings

“Mad Maxine” Waters Demands “Racist, Flawed, Unfit, Ignorant, Hopeless, Bigot” Trump Impeachment For “Name-Calling”

Welcome To The “Crypto Castle”: This Is How Bitcoin Millionaires Spend Their Fortunes


NeverTrumper Breaks Down On MSNBC Live, Admits One Thing About Trump He Never Thought Possible

Zuckerberg is about to Screw Up Facebook Again To Protect You From Fake News

GOP Congressman Says Trump Ready to Sign National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

Immigration Stand Proves Democrats Don’t Care about Gun Violence


Watch MSNBC’s Joy Reid try to run rough-shod over Pastor Mark Burns and get Destroyed!

Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead After Promising To Drop Bombshell a Career-Ending Leak for Hillary

Rand Paul has empirical proof as to where the President’s heart is with Haiti

CBS Police Drama Portrays Courage and Compassion of Officers in Midst of ‘Anti-Cop Sentiment’

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