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Trump Coins Hilarious New Nickname For Lying Democrat That Will Leave You In Stitches!

House Of Horrors: What Police Just Found inside this California House Will Shock You To The Core

Bishop Peter Hancock: Why the Church insisted on transparency with the George Bell case

UK should follow Trump and give aid directly to Middle Eastern churches, says former cabinet minister

UH-OH! Mueller Just threw a Death Punch At Trump With What He’s Forcing Steve Bannon to do!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Notices Accidental Praise of Trump in WaPo Article

Chinese pastor who was ‘hooded and tortured’ ordered to hand over $1 million in church donations

Trump’s Idea of ‘Fake News’ Is Much Broader Than His Awards Suggest

God No!!! Romney Just Quietly Made The Confirmation That We Have All Been Dreading

Bannon Suffers Brutal Attack From Infuriated Lawmakers During House Intel Committee’s Interview

New Trump program aims to protect Christian doctors, bakers, nuns

Trump’s evangelical advisers back Democrat Pelosi in urging protection for immigrant ‘Dreamers’


The Great Trans Hope! Dems Celebrate As Manning Comes Out Of Left Field With Unexpected Announcement

Winning: Two of Top Ten Obama Holdover Bureaucrats Breitbart Said Trump Could Fire or Remove Are Ste

Six Trump Accomplishments the Networks Ignored in 2017

All for Show? North & South Korea to Form 1st Joint Olympic Team

Breaking: ICE Plans Major Crackdown In This Liberal City!

America’s military in jeopardy from continuing resolutions?

Shock: An Elon University Professor Is Using Software To Provide Private Details On American Patriots To The Domestic Terror Group Antifa

Eerie Satellite Images Show North Korea Gearing Up For Another Nuclear Test

Head Shot! Romney Just Attacked Trump In His First Assault Against America First

Did Sen. Booker go too far in grilling the Homeland Security secretary?

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Bob Dole just Wowed everyone

Judge Issues Temporary Order Blocking DOD Transfer of U.S. Citizen to Foreign Custody


Boom!! Watchdog Group Drops Bombshell About What Hillary Was Hiding On Her Private Email Server

Rifle group CEO touts $300 bonuses to employees, citing Trump’s tax bill

Mueller Investigation Now Doomed, Fake News Awards and Economic Update

Republicans Are Preparing to Shut Down the Government Out of Anti-Immigrant Spite

Look Who Will Be Raising Their Minimum Wage Thanks To The GOP Tax Bill!

DHS threatens crackdown on sanctuary cities amid immigration debate

Futures Jump Despite Threat Of Imminent Government Shutdown; Dollar Slide Accelerates

Ex-Twitter Engineer Admits Company Colludes With Oppressive Governments To Ban Users

Sarah Sanders Just Took Out CNN’S Chris Cuomo After What He Did to the Deputy Press Secretary

FBI Investigating Millions Of “Mishandled” Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation

Exclusive! Trump Considering Condoleezza Rice To Return To National Security Advisor Post

The “World’s Most Bearish Hedge Fund” Has A “Stunning” Theory What Happens Next To The Dollar


Reporters Go Ballistic After Trump Health Revealed by Navy Doc, but they forgot One Important thing

‘You’re Despicable’ Smart Woman Destroy Chelsea Manning over Anti-Police Tweet

West Virginia’s Latest Gun Rights Initiative Pulls From Liberal Playbook

Dems Upset Over Government Failure to Buy Guns Illegally on Internet


Liberals Are About To Wipe Out Thousands Of Jobs With One Epicly Stupid Move

‘Healthcare is Not A Right’ Socialist Student Confronts Ben Shapiro, Gets Schooled

Florida Dem Introduces Bill to End State’s Stand Your Ground Law

6 Things to Consider Before Applying for a Concealed Carry Permit for Guns

Unhinged! Dem Cory Booker Goes Crazy, Smashes Fists Screams At Trump’s Female DHS Chief

Dems LIED again! Pakistani Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To House Servers, Pretended To Be Lawmakers

Tennessee: Bill to Prohibit use of State Funds for Federal Gun Control Enforcement

Pardon Me: New Jersey Gov. Christie’s Last Act Frees Those Accused Of Petty Gun Violations


Dems Devastated After This GOP Rep Drops Two Words That Crushed Their Dreams

DOJ staffers trying to protect Hillary Clinton’s legacy?

Will GOP get blamed for potential government shutdown?

‘She wanted to ruin his career’ Tucker Carlson Reacts to Aziz Ansari Allegations

Stocks Tumble After McConnell Shutdown Reportedly “Planning for Govt Shutdown”


FBI Investigating Millions Of “Mishandled” Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation

Fusion GPS Had It In For Trump From The Very Beginning

Another ‘Secret Deal’ by the Obama State Department has come to light

Former CIA Officer Give Ominous Warning To President Trump About The Deep State

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