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The FBI Just Got Bad News From The Trump Admin After “Losing” Crucial Evidence

Putin’S Russia On High Alert As NATO Forces Close In On Border During ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’

Watch: CNN Does Its Job and Corrects Fake News Democrats

Ben Shapiro’s government shutdown winners and losers


Whoa! Watch CNN Make A Shocking About Face And Confront These Two Lying Democrats!

Japanese in Horror after Looking Inside N.Korean Ship that Just Washed up on their shore

Washington governor warns DMV not to help ICE agents

Victory: Democrats Give in to GOP, Abandon the “Schumer Shutdown”


Christians Cheer As New Bill Would Unchain the Bible in This State

Look Who’s Getting Paid From Despite The Government Shutdown!

Lawsuit against Paul Pressler widened to include Southern Baptist Convention

Mike Pence prays at Western Wall as Palestinian Christians condemn his pro-Israel stance


Mic Drop! Watch As This GOP Rep Goes On Live TV And Shreds Democrats to Pieces

Feds Now Investigating More Suspects In Vegas Mass Shooting / Connections To ISIS Found

NASA cancels all public events and activities until further notice due to government shutdown

FBI Discussed “Secret Society” Within Alphabet Gangs Working to Undermine Trump


FBI Loses ALL Credibility with who they just Targeted Next In Their Russian Hoax Investigation

Sarah Sanders Pounds Pelosi Into The Dirt Following Apple’s Huge Bonus Announcement

FBI “Loses” Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents, Blames Glitch

US Coast Guard Adds Cruise Missiles To Ice-Breakers As Battle For The Arctic Begins


Comey Wins This Round: Despite Massive Abuse The Senate Moves Forward With Vote To Reauthorize FISA

Trump Appointee Crushes Elizabeth Warren’s Uncountable Gov’t Agency With One Major Move

California Gun Laws Sends Walmart Into Panic, Halting Ammo Sales

Russian Collusion Investigation Now Targeting NRA

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