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BREAKING New Judge In Charge of Sentencing Flynn Is a Clinton Appointee!

Actor Tom Arnold Claims Roger Sone Is Behind Senator Al Franken’s Resignation

Treasury’s Tax Reform Analysis Confirms Republicans Don’t Give a Damn About the Deficit

Supreme Court Won’t Decide Whether Civil Rights Act Bans Anti-LGBT Discrimination


How People Responded At The Army-Navy Game National Anthem Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Chelsea Handler Posts New Sarah Sanders ‘Joke’ And It’s Even Worse Than The Last One

Why the Alabama Senate race is a big test for GOPers

Pentagon Announces Admission of Transgender Applicants for the Military Starting in 2018


Supreme Court Backs Trump In New Ruling, Delivers Blow To Obama-Era Initiative

Ugh Oh! Look Who Doug Jones Just Got To Back Him Up Tonight!

North Korea Hacks Bitcoin Exchanges Attempting To Steal Amid Bubble Warnings

The Left Is Trying To Use The #MeToo Movement As A Weapon To Destroy Donald Trump


Trump is About To Do The One Thing No Other President Was Able To Do

Breaking: The Justice Department Has Launched An Investigation Into Planned Parenthood!

CUP OF TREMBLING: Iran Warns “Trump’s Jerusalem Move Will Hasten Israel’s Destruction”

WAR: Chilling Satellite Images Show Alarming Activity At North Korean Nuclear Test Sites


HAHA! Elizabeth Warren’s Secret Plan Is A Secret No More, And Now Liberals Are Going To Be Furious!

Fired FBI official at center of Flynn, Clinton, dossier controversies revealed

Egypt’s Coptic Leader Cancels Pence Meeting Over Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

ISIS warns NY Attack linked to recognition of Israel, Makes Threat To Times Square


Unleashed: Roy Moore Just Condemned George Soros In Holy Declaration Soros Will Never Recover From

Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word To Respond To Democrat’s Overwhelming Impeachment Failure

COSTLY: What One County Is Willing to Spend on Their Gun Buy Back Program is Crazy

Arizona Jury Acquits Police Officers for Killing Unarmed Man who Begged for His Life


Kaboom! Acosta, Sanders Throw Down in WH Briefing; ‘I’m Not Taking Another Question From You’

Ever the Narcissist, Obama Takes Credit For Trump’s Economic Boom, Then Gets Handed his Backside

MSNBC: ‘Reporters Make Mistakes’, Trump Must Apologize for His ‘Lies’

Demoted DOJ Official’s Wife Obtained Unusual License When She Went To Work At Fusion GPS

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