Breaking: McConnell Crushes ‘Dreamers’ Dreams After Schumer And Pelosi Fail

Trump SPOX Unleashes Truth Bomb in Briefing Room

Christmas in China: Why the Communist party will never control the church

Democrats Are Fooling Themselves About Tax Reform’s Unpopularity


Rand Paul Drops Three Powerful Words Obama Never Wanted to Hear About His Administration

Last Straw! The UN just Stabbed Trump and America in the Back

Using Tea Party tactics, left-wing groups attempt to derail Donald Trump agenda

New York Times Insists That Non-Citizens Have a Lower Crime Rate Than Citizens


AG Jeff Sessions just came out of hiding and unleashed Hellfire on Clinton Loving FBI Officials

‘You Cannot Defend Hillary Forever’ Congressman Jim Jordan Owns CNN Reporter

Uproar as top MSNBC hosts denounce their own network for firing beloved contributor Joan Walsh for unknown reasons

Surprise! ISIS Inspired Terrorist Arrested In San Francisco Was An Anti-Trump Antifa Supporter


After Trump Saves California, The Gov Goes Insane with Thing He Says

Internet EXPLODES after Trump Posts Photo of Oval Office

Open Carry Firearm Stolen In North Carolina Walmart

Senate Leadership Sponsoring Yet Another Gun Control Bill


Trump Threatens To Cut Off Aid Money To United Nations Members Over Vote

As Migrants Overwhelm Their Cities, Mayors Panicking– Begging For Help!

Winning! German Economists Warn of Jobs Shift from Europe to America Due to Tax Bill!

NRA: Fake News on Gun Confiscation again

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