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Putin Is Back! What He Just Threatened Trump With Could Spell The End Of Days

Top FBI guy McCabe is in real trouble, look what law he may have violated

Judge Rules American Detainee in Iraq Gets a Lawyer, Flake Says Trump ‘Inviting’ a 2020 GOP Challenger, Red Crabs Migrate to Christmas Island

Brexit deal could serve as template for EU relations to countries like Ukraine and Turkey


End Game! GOP Preps ‘Secret’ Plan To Destroy Top FBI & DOJ Officials

‘Never Trumpers’ Finally BREAK After Trump Scores SO MANY WINS They Can’t Ignore any longer

Rumors Of War: Defense Secretary Warns ‘Storm Clouds Are Gathering’ Over Korean Peninsula

United States cuts $285 million from UN funding…


Mattis Just Made History! What He did hasn’t been done in 15 years!

Ben Shapiro Shuts Up Linda Sarsour Defender On Live TV

“Prepare For a Big Ass Fight” U.S. General Tells Marines “There’s A War Coming”

Nearly 3 Months Since the Vegas Massacre, Police Silent, Still No Images of Paddock, and No Motive


Liberals Suffer Epic Meltdown After Pence Utters 9 Words at Cabinet Meeting

BREAKING: Democrat Congresswoman Exposed Bullying Woman Out Of Airline Seat!

Trump Pentagon Nominee Withdraws Due to Gun Control Statement

BBC Curious As To Why Guns Sales Spike At Christmas


U.N. Nullify’s Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: Nikki Haley Tells Them to SHOVE IT

NBC Frets GOP ‘Likely’ to ‘Punt’ on Funding Child Health Insurance Program

Notoriously Liberal 9th Circuit Could Tilt Conservative After Resignation of Judge for Harassment Claims

Joe Scarborough Attacks ‘The Stench of Trump’s Self-Dealing’ Tax Cut in WashPost

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