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The Meltdown Has Begun—Warning When You See This Report Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor!

White House could make cheap healthcare easier to purchase without ACA mandate

The UK’s Archbishop Angaelos, Egypt’s Muslim leader and more join in condemning Egypt church terror attack

A.M. Links: Donald Trump Sarcastically Praises Global Warming, Doesn’t Know How USPS Works; New York City Fire Kills 12


What this White House Insider Just LEAKED About Trump and Flynn Just Set Washington DC on FIRE!

Obama warns of social media dangers in thinly veiled reference to Trump

Backlash As CNN Provides Pro-Iran Regime Coverage Amid Widespread Anti-Government Protests

Trump Announces Support of “Iranian People” After 12 Were Killed in Protest of the Government


Watch this TOP Dem Breakdown on Live TV with the Asmission About Trump Dems NEVER Wanted Getting out

In Private Speech, CIA Director Warned Of US Strike On North Korea Within 12 Weeks

MSM & FBI Push Fake Terror Attack Even After Their Patsy Refused To Do It

Backlash As CNN Provides Pro-Iran Regime Coverage Amid Widespread Anti-Government Protests


Busted! Americans Go On Warpath Against Apple After CEO Admits to Tampering with YOUR Smartphone

Report: Sexual Scandal to Destroy Dem Leadership in California

Crisis For Mueller: Lindsey Graham Demands New Special Counsel To investigate Trump Dossier & FBI

Trump To Withhold $255 Million In Pakistan Aid Over Counterterrorism Failures


Alert: N.Korean Soldier Defects, but what they find Inside His Body Has The World Horrified

NYC mayor considering refusing infrastructure money to defy Trump

California Gun Owners Scramble for Ammo as Leftists Continue to Undermine the 2nd Amendment

Virginia Firearms School To Host Kid’s Gun Awareness Class


Comey in Panic Mode – Sends Bizarre Late Night Tweet After Rumors More Top Fbi Agents Will Be Purged

Sheila Jackson Lee Accuses United Airlines Passenger of RACISM, but there’s just one problem

Breaking! Boycott Worked! NFL Just Caved! This Is Huge!

ISIS gone, what follows will be worse – fmr Pentagon official

North Korea seeks ‘credible deterrent to invasion’ – expert

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