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Breaking: FBI Director Blows Gaping Hole In Dem’s Fake Narrative Over Shamed White House Staffer

Obama Holdouts at DOJ Railroaded Gen Michael Flynn

Trump Donates $100,000 to the Department of Transportation. How Much Infrastructure Will That Buy?

Yes, This Is a Good Time To Talk About Gun Violence and How To Reduce It


With only 7 Awful Words MSNBC Reaches An Astounding New Low we Never Imagined to Describe Trump

All Hell Breaks Loose at California School After Asian Student Does Science Project on IQ and Race

DHS Just Admitted Mainstream Media Has “Misrepresented Facts” on Russian Interference

Princeton Professor Cancels ‘Hate Speech’ Class After Backlash from Offended Students


FBI Director Wray Crumbles After Tom Cotton Puts Him in the Hot Seat!

Chuck Grassley Just Put Disgraced Liar Susan Rice on Notice

Billionaire Munger Urges Warren: “Let Up” On Wells Fargo, “Practically Everyone” Was Doing It

Trump’s Lawyer: Trump Didn’t Pay Porn Star $130,000, I Did


The Sickening Truth About Obama’s Artist Just Came Out – White People Horrified At What Was Found!

Employers pushing back against IRS over ObamaCare employer mandate

National Background Check System Didn’t Prevent Shooting Death of 2 Police Officers

Student Gun Group to Help GA Tech Students with Off-Campus Crime


Sarah Sanders Torches Liberal Press Pool with 11 Words sending them All Running for Cover!

Did Former CIA Director John Brennan Perjure Himself?

Lacking Self-Awareness, CNN Admits North Korea Manipulated ‘World Attention’ at the Olympics

‘Hardball’ Spends Almost 39 Minutes Demanding Gun Control, Minimizes Crime Scene, Victims

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