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Breaking: Trump’s Lawyer Drops Dossier Bombshell About Obama, Comey, And Rice They Never Wanted Out

Breaking: FBI Dir. Scared Speechless the second Tom Cotton asks him the question he dreads

Elizabeth Warren Can’t Stop Lying, Once Again Falsely Claims She Has Native American Ancestry

Trump Triggered The IRS To DROP 298 Tax Regulations


Obama Deep State Operatives Scrambling As Hannity Drops Russian Bombshell They Fear

Breaking: Clinton Federal Judge just Ruled and Trump is going to be Pissed

The Return Of Gun Control Rhetoric Following Another School Shooting

Watch: California Teacher Calls Military ‘Lowest of Our Low’



Breaking: He’s Guilty! What This Corrupt DOJ Official Was Caught Doing Will Convict Him

Trump economy stronger today than if Clinton won: Goldman Sachs CEO

CNN Makes Claim That Only American Violence Targets Kids

FBI Dropped The Ball On Parkland Shooter


Breaking: Wikileaks’ Assange Ends One Trump Collusion Theory After Private Messages Leak

Trump’s DHS Just Ended The Lie NBC Has Been Spreading For The Past Year – Debunked!

Why The Media Publicizes Kids’ Call For Gun Control After Shooting

Trump Budget Seeks Savings Through Obamacare Repeal

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Breaking: Cuck Schumer Just Failed Every Illegal Dreamer In America With A Foolish Refusal To Trump

Breaking Video: Shooter in Valentine’s Day Massacre Identified as ANTIFA, Kills 17, Taken Alive

Breaking: Schiff makes Stunning About Face with Dem Disinfo Memo proving what we always knew

Trump asks Democrats to Join and Stand for America. Here is their response

Roger Stone Disappointed With Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Written By Goldman Sachs


Breaking: Trump Threatens Swamp With First Crushing Veto On Most Outrageous Immigration bill yet

Mitt Romney Accused Of ‘Doing What Hillary Clinton Did’!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is open to medical marijuana; offers ‘Dreamer’ solution

Did Trump respond correctly to the Florida shooting?

DOJ’s Bruce Ohr hid wife’s Fusion GPS payments from ethics officials: Report

TP 2/18

Fox & Friends Exposes AP’s Two-Faced Tweets on Trump vs. Obama Budgets

Democrats Worrying About Trump’s (And GOP’s) Rising Approval Ratings

CNN counterterrorism analyst bursts into tears and pushed gun control [Video]

Barely News: Barack Obama Portrait Artist’s Severed-Head ‘Art,’ Outsourcing Work to China

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