Breaking: Dirty Cop Comey Screwed Up Big Time, What He Told Congress About Flynn Changes Everything!

Breaking: All Hell Just Broke Loose When The Smoking Gun That Proved Obama’s Guilt Surfaced

Plan to stage chemical attack revealed by Syrian resident

Congress raises questions about Obama’s involvement in Russia probe

Hillary Is Still Paying For Dirt on President Trump!


Breaking: Obama Caught Red Handed With Evidence That Changes Everything We Know About Russian Hoax

Katie Couric Becomes SHAME of the Nation after NBC Olympics Does Unthinkable to South Korea

France Gears Up For War?: ‘France Will STRIKE’ Syria If Chemical Weapons Were Used

Andy McCarthy explains significance of Susan Rice’s email


Well, well, well, look who had a secret meeting with President Obama before Trump’s inauguration

Sick Joke! Globalist Pope Francis Says Communist China Embodies Human Dignity

Muslim teens sentenced to studying Qur’an references to Virgin Mary after mocking Christianity

Vice President Mike Pence ‘thinks Jesus tells him to say things’ says former Trump staffer


BUH-BYE! Trump Just Put 3 Million Entitled Employees On Notice! He’s Draining The Swamp!!!

Olympics On Alert After Game Officials Confirm Their Worst Fears

Russia Claims It Has Evidence White Helmets, Nusra Planning Fake Chem Attack

Democracy in Chains Author Nancy MacLean Calls Autism a Leading Cause of Libertarianism


AZ Senate Shocks Sends Game Changing Message To DC That Could Have Major Impact On Your Money

Susan Rice memo trying to cover up Obama’s tracks?

What’s Behind Global Inflation: China Creates A Record 2.9 Trillion Yuan In New Loans In One Month

Caught On Tape: Security Drags Woman From Hearing For Exposing Big Oil Funding Politicians


Boom! Nunes Confirms Exactly What Loretta Lynch And John Kerry Never Wanted To Get Out – Too Late!

Did Obama know Trump was being wiretapped?

2 California Dems Introduce Bill to Require More for Concealed Carry Permits

Wisconsin Court Prioritizes Avoiding Deportation Over The Second Amendment In Hierarchy Of Rights


Nancy Pelosi Digs Her Heels In And Tells Democrats To What?

Despite It Destroying Their Jobs, Fast Food Workers To Protest For $15 Minimum Wage

It Is Past Time ‘We The People’ Did Something About This!

Official Portrait of Michelle Obama has People Scratching Their Heads!

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