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Breaking: Obama Cabal Attack Trump Over Florida, What They Did Was Unforgivable

School Shooting Survivor Introduces Bill To Expand Concealed Carry In Schools

Liberal Hypocrite Michael Moore Participated In Russia-Organized Anti-Trump Rally

Watch: Bernie Sanders Freaks When His Gun Policy is Exposed by Chuck Todd


‘Bigly Crap:’ Jealous Trump Roasts Himself for Obama on Colbert’s ‘Cartoon President’

CA Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Ensuring Teachers Can’t Shoot Back During Attack

LOL! CNN Asks Podesta Embarrassing Question About The Clinton Campaign

Super-Woke Show Introduces Muslim Family Worried About Hate Crimes Because ‘We Live in America’


BOOM! Seconds after DOJ Indicts Russia, Facebook Boss Drops Bombshell Liberal Media didn’t want out

Look What Apple Just Removed From Their Calendars!

Another Narrative Busted! According to the FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles

Whoops! Mueller’s Indictments Backfire, Exposing Another Massive Obama Failure

Will more gun background checks stop school shootings?


Breaking: DOJ and FBI Rocked As Chairman Nunes Drops 4 Words That Could Lead Them To Prison

Look Who Wants The Florida Shooter Executed!

‘Gun Politics Is Where the Easy Caricature of America’s Radicalized Youth Marching Toward Socialism Ends’

Rush Limbaugh Is More Progressive on Immigration Than Anyone on Capitol Hill. Seriously.


Breaking: Sessions comes out of hiding and Shocks with what he says about Failed FBI Director Wray

Why Obama should have done more to prevent Russian collusion

Rumors Of War: Admiral warns US must prepare for possibility of war with China

Former CIA Operative Admits US Meddled In Elections, Runs Fake News In Other Countries


Breaking: Clapper Goes on CNN Tells Anderson Cooper 1 Mueller Allegation that Trump is going to HATE

Trump slams FBI for missing warning signs about the Florida shooting

Polish Central Bank Secretly Funds Anti-Crypto Youtube Propaganda Videos

Watch A Flustered John Podesta Respond To “How 13 Russians Operatives” Outsmarted Hillary


Trump Obliterates This One Weird Obama Law, Rural America Cheers, And Treehuggers Flip Out!

Trump blames Russia investigation for distracting FBI from Florida shooter

Video: Why Gun Bans Won’t Work In America And Other Smackdowns

Florida shooting victims exploited by Democrats push anti-gun agenda and skewer NRA


The Second This Democrat Decided To Run For Congress His Worst Nightmare Becomes a Reality

Debate: Will the NRA respond to political pressure on gun reform?

Teen speaks clearly on gun control: ‘We’re children … get something done’

Supposed GOP Mega-Donor Demands Assault Weapon Ban Or No More Money

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