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MSNBC Host Asks the Wrong Question Then A Truth Bomb Blows Up In Her Face Hillary Will Hate

Breaking: Trump Could Be Bringing Age Restrictions To Gun Ownership!

Dallas Official Asks NRA To Find A Different City For Its Annual Convention

Hannity: Probe into anti-Trump dossier expands to Obama


Democrat Russian Collusion: Michael Moore Involved In Russian Sponsored Anti-Trump Rally

CNN Repeats Bogus Claim It’s Easier to Buy ‘Automatic’ Gun Than to ‘Plan for a Weekend’

This Anti-Trump Protest Was a Russian Ploy. So Which News Outlets Promoted It?

Florida Sheriff: Arming Teachers, Ending Gun-Free Zones Would Be A ‘Game-Changer’


FBI “In Full Freak Out Mode” As Major Allegation About What McCabe Did With The Evidence Gets Out

CBS Interviews Panel of Gun Violence Victims About Gun Control, But Look What Happened!

Mueller Issues Another Indictment in Russia Probe, Trump Supports Bump Stock Ban, and the Taliban Taxes Journalists: P.M. Links

Bishop of Chelmsford: Do we really want Trump’s finger on nuclear button?


Reporters Absolutely Freak After Trump Aide Says What He Thinks of Them

Trump administration unveils low-cost ObamaCare alternative

Putin’s Russia Targets First Offense Pedophiles With Life In Prison!!

Futures Slide As Dollar, Rates Jump Ahead Of “Monster” Treasury Issuance


Super Hacker Has 11 Words For Trump On The DNC Hack That Changes Everything

Brave Kids Just Got Incredible Revenge On Dems With Stunning Action After Florida

Debunking The Latest Anti-Gun Posts Circulating On Social Media

Trump just ordered the DOJ to consider banning this controversial gun accessory


Breaking: Suspected Florida Gunman Nikolas Cruz Set to Receive Huge Amount of Money!

Anti- Trump dossier Spying Scandal now Investigating Obama

Nunes on House Intel Committee Probe ‘The Facts Are Not Bearing Out to What the Democrats Wanted It

CNN goes Russia crazy and harasses old lady for sharing a Facebook post

Pelosi tax reform comments are a disgraceful charge: Matt Schlapp

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