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President Donald J. Trump Orders All Devices That Turn Legal Weapons Into ‘Machine Guns’ Banned

Bombshell: Obama DOJ Official Actively Hid Fusion GPS Payments

Delaware to Allow Kindergartners to Choose Own Race and Gender Without Parental Consent

NYT Media Reporter Smears Rush Limbaugh as Conspiracist for Calling Student Protests Political


Breaking: Mueller Claims Another Victim as London Lawyer Enters His Plea

Breaking: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught in Huge Fake News Scandal – He’s Finished.

US Supreme Court Rejects NRA Case Regarding State’s Use of Revenue From Gun-Transfer Fees

No Liberals, America is Not the Worst Western Country When it Comes to Mass Shootings


Breaking: Crazy Eyes Schiff Beaten to Death on Twitter After Making Wrong Move Against Trump

Trouble In Paradise: Maldives Crises Lock China & India In Tog-Of-War

CNN Repeats Bogus Claim It’s Easier to Buy ‘Automatic’ Gun Than to ‘Plan for a Weekend’

Big Pharma’s War On Our Children: 1 Million Kids Under Age 6 On Psychiatric Drugs


FBI Vet Comes Out with Damning Accusation of Crooked Cop Mueller That Makes a Lot of Sense

Breaking: CNN Shamefully Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter in Her Front Yard

Anti-Gun Columnist Thinks Some Of Our Guns ‘Have To Go’

Reenactors in California Forced to Use Sticks Instead of Muskets!


Breaking: Soros Henchmen Unmasked in Sickening Plot to Co-opt Outrage

Are Child Actors Being Used To Push Gun Control In Florida Shooting?

Are Democrats Aware that Gun Confiscation Will Probably Result in a Civil War?

Feinstein Introduces Age Discrimination Gun Control Bill


Sarah Sanders Takes a Blowtorch to Nancy ‘crumbs’ Pelosi With 20 Words Overnight Pelosi Will Hate

Fed sees few signs of wage growth, believes wages will pick up with jobs

Trump administration predicts additional 2% to 4% GDP growth

Broward County Sheriff Goes Rogue, Spouts Democratic Line On Gun Control

Alex Jones: They’re Coming After Our 2nd Amendment

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