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FISA Doomsday! Lawmaker Issues The Jaw Dropping Threat Obama and Comey Dread

‘We hope US will abandon Cold War mentality’ – China, Russia react to US nuclear posture

US troops withdraw from Iraq after Islamic State defeat

Charles: Trump the victim of a political attack by FBI, DOJ


Gowdy Sends Shockwaves Through The Left With His Answer on FISA Warrants

Get Ready! Nunes Is About To Nuke Mueller

Atheist Activist Group Complains to School District After Teacher ‘Casts Doubt Upon Evolution’

Pennsylvania’s Redistricting Crisis Deepens as SCOTUS Takes Hard Pass on Getting Involved


Trump White House Stuns Reporters After They Get Unexpected Notice

Alec Baldwin And Bill Maher Hurl Racist Insults At Congresman Nunes

Mike Adams: Political Coup Failed; Prepare For Armed Communist Coup

FBI Scandal Update: Dossier Writer Christopher Steele Failed To Show Up For Court


Breaking: Trump Goes Live, Crushes Pelosi Into ‘Crumbs’ over her Tax Cut Lies

Wells Fargo CEO on Fed penalties: No doubt they were a disappointment

Bitcoin ATM Installations Skyrocket Throughout Market Correction

China Deploys 300,000 Soldiers To N.Korean Border In “Preparation For Potential War”


Hannity Demands Mueller Pay the Price for his Investigation Based on Lies

Trump Used This Young Man As An Example To The NFL Of What You Should Be

‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’: Why The Utah PD Is Thanking One CC Owner

New York State’s Gun Control Laws are Going Up in Smoke in 2018


Here’s the Real Reason the FBI Fired Dossier Author Christopher Steele

Stock Market Crash Is Blowback Against Trump’s America First Policies

Pedestrians Hate Trump’s SOTU Until They Learn It Was Obama’s

What You Need To Know About The Memo But Have Not Been Told

BREAKING: Leakers Caught! Exposed on Live TV Moments Ago!


Former FBI Director James Comey’s Legal Peril is REAL!

It Appeared Rosenstein’s Days Were Numbered At The DOJ, But It Looks Different Now

The Second Anti-Trump Dossier Has The Deep State Absolutely Terrified [Video]

Sad: Watch Students React to Old Obama SOTU Quotes They Believe Are Trump Quotes

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