Close Pope Associates Tick Off Millions With Insult Against Christian Trump Supporters

Atheist Group Demands Fire Dept. to Remove ‘Blatantly Unconstitutional’ Cross From Fire Station Lawn

Trump Admin Wins Second Time with Travel Ban, Strict Enforcement…

Evangelical Louie Giglio And Wife Shelley Paying Worship To Pope Francis At Renewal With The Spirit


Right As She’s About To Testify, Susan Rice Does Something To Show Her Guilt Once And For All

Dems Still ‘Beyond Realm of Reality’ Over Obamacare

It’s happening! They’re threatening to Shut It Down if Trump doesn’t get what he asked for!

Obama official Samantha Power agrees to testify before House intel panel


Megyn Kelly Hits Rock bottom with the WORST NEWS She Has Ever Faced in Career

Democrats too focused on Trump agenda obstructionism?

Haiti Official Who Exposed the Clinton Foundation is Found Dead

Nets Blackout Trump Admin Cracking Down on Dangerous VA Facility


Global Alert: What CNN just did Risks The Lives of every person on the Planet!!!

Trump’s Bombing Campaign In Middle East Has Already Killed At Least 2,200 Civilians

North Korea Holds Public Executions At Schools And Markets For Prostitution, Stealing Electric Cables

The Republicans In Congress Have Betrayed Us Again


You’re Fired! What Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell Just Did To Trump Proves They’re Traitors To America!

What A Joke! MSM Says Trump Having Public G20 Dinner And Talking To Putin Is Sinister

California: Assembly Appropriations Passes Dealer Storage Bill and Sends One-Gun-a-Month Bill to Suspense

Dating A Woman Who’s Anti-Gun Be Like….[Warning Adult Language]


War Ready: London’s Mayor Just Insulted Trump, So Trump Pulled Out His Secret Weapon

Down The Rabbit Hole: Obama Unmasking Probe Just Reached A Whole New Level Of Sick

NRA Hits Back at VA Congressman, “Self-Defense is a Right Shared by ALL Law-Abiding Americans!”

Michigan grandfather allegedly told by state that he had to give up gun rights to foster grandson

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