Headlines 4/12/2018


Why Do So Many Millennials Still Live With Their Parents? It Might Not Be Why You Think,

Whatever Happened To ‘America First’?

Ted Nugent Attacks David Hogg

Hackers can break into emergency alert systems


Trump Issues Dire Warning On Syria

Will Liberals Team Up With Trump’s Base To Stop World War 3?

Retirement planning: Best and worst cities to retire

Rush Limbaugh Agrees with Alex Jones!


NYC Is About To Start Charging You Just For Visiting

California Senator Pushes Orwellian Legislation

Facebook has been secretly asking hospitals for patient data

Jordan Peterson Exposes The Marxist Lie Of White Privilege


Former US Diplomat: ‘This could get extremely ugly’

Who will win in Trump-Putin showdown?

Debate: Is House Speaker Paul Ryan abandoning a sinking ship?

Chicago Suburb That Banned Firearms is Now Facing Huge Repercussions


Donald Trump Warns Russia to ‘Get Ready’

How to Protect Yourself From Gas Station ‘Sliders’

Paul Ryan Announces Retirement, Takes Credit For 2 Of Trump’s Biggest Achievements.

Heroes Save Families From Raging Apartment Fire


Senator Issues 9 Word Warning To Zuckerberg That Could End Social Media As We Know It

Trump warns missiles “will be coming” to Syria

Would it be political suicide for Trump to fire Mueller?

Government hates the people who give them money: Art Laffer


Obama Hoped No One Would Remember This, Now Trump Is Laughing

David Hogg Has Humiliating Temper Tantrum When He Realizes His Time Is Up

Proponents Defend School Rifle Teams As Teaching Discipline, Not Violence

China Just Handed President Trump A Huge Victory


Media accuses Tucker of pushing ‘Russian propaganda’

Gen. Jack Keane: Russia is not looking for a fight with US

Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban Upheld!

The Original Retro AR-10: Armalite’s AR10B

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