Headlines 4/11/2018


Why Are Democrats trying to damage President Trump?

Trump Hits Globalists Hard With Latest Tweet On “Stupid Trade” Deals

This Powerful Herb Can Cleanse Your Lungs Of Dust Mold Bacteria And Chemicals How To Use It

Judicial Watch: Trump has to save the DOJ, FBI from themselves


Steve Hilton: The deliberate undermining of President Trump

Trump Latest Statement On Sessions Could Spell The End For The Attorney General

Millennials’ empty nest egg- How Can They Get Their Financial Situation In Order?

Comey, Lynch have ruined the FBI’s reputation


Artist Paints Patriotic Scene While Singing The National Anthem

Hillary Confronted at Book Signing: “What Happened to Your 33,000 Emails?”

Rude Interruption from reporter, Trump takes the high road and ignores

School district: Students going to anti-gun rally ‘cutting class’


Breaking News: “Russia Puts Troops On High Alert”

Prophetic Times: “Mass Animal Deaths Continue” 38 Dead Whales

The biblical truth about Heaven Is For Real by Pastor David Platt

Stossel: The Great American Tax Ripoff


Solar Storm Will Strike Earth This Week: Here’s What You Should Know

President Trump Receives a Briefing from Senior Military Leadership

Girls Jump From Balcony to Escape as Fire Engulfs Dance Studio

Here’s Why Multiple Sclerosis Is Actually Lyme Disease!


These Indicators Are Off The Charts Signaling A Recession

Saudi Arabia Said to Signal Ambition for $80 Oil Price

Charles Plosser: Economy is in good shape, tariffs won’t have huge effects

Did FBI go too far in raiding Trump’s lawyer?


Federal Court Finds AR-15 Not Protected By Second Amendment

Breaking: Mayor Who Defied Trump, Refused To Protect Citizens Just Found Guilty

Politically Incorrect Sign Pops Up On Georgia Highway Overnight

Barack Obama’s African Brother Drops Bombshell, He’s Completely Humiliated


The State of the GOP

UN Security Council to vote on Syria chemical attack

Discovered: 1949 Daimler Consort buried in garden

Getting Gun Owners to Show Up; Joining the NRA; Get Out the Gun Vote

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