Headlines 4/10/2018


Who is eavesdropping on DC cell phones and why?

5 must-do spy hacks you didn’t know until now

Ron Paul: Suspected chemical weapon attack ‘total nonsense’

“Deadliest Catch” Captain Made  A Fortune in Just 11 days!


Do you trust your computer?

Breaking: China Just Caved in the Trade War

Trump’s support from farmers at risk because of tariffs

Should Trump take military action in Syria?


Here’s How Trump Got The Last Laugh On Mexico’s President.

Breaking: Trump Unleashes Hell On FBI

Facebook pounces on news site, crushes debate on Europe’s migrant crisis

Is Trump Being Threatened To Start WW3?


Here’s What Trump Has To Say About the FBI raid on Michael Cohen

Topless protester confronts Bill Cosby

Shocking: Women’s March Now Endorsing Trafficking and Prostitution 

Soldier personally thanks author of letter sent to him in Iraq 15 years ago


Tech Stocks Will Crash If This Happens!

‘Little Pink House’ tells the story of how the government can take your home

Why was the FBI was allowed to raid the home of Trump’s lawyer?

Can Trump negotiate a trade deal with China?


Liberals Announce Their Plan To Destroy ‘Normal Americans’ In Civil War

7-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Girl to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mayor of London wants to take knives away from adults

This Politically Incorrect Sign Just Went Insanely Viral!


Liberal Arrested for Threatening to Murder Congressman

Can It Be True? North Korea Makes Stunning Announcement

Liberals Planning New ‘Civil War’ Against Conservatives

Breaking: Laura Ingraham Breaks Her Silence on Boycott Controversy


Tech Tyranny: Is tech more addictive than opioids?

Ingraham: Bullies on the left aim to silence conservatives

Tucker: How does Syrian regime change help the U.S.?

Colt Tries To Make a Service Pistol: The Model 1971

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