Headlines 4/9/2018


Statues Of American Presidents Will Be Torn Down Next

CNN Just Got Some Horrible News About Their Future

Judge Jeanine Pirro Exposes How The GOP Has Been Causing Harm To Trump’s Family

Police Block DC Streets For Paltry Protest


The Chemical Dumbing Down Of America Continues

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Trump and the state of the GOP

You Won’t Believe Why A Major Celebrity Is Going After Melania

Khamenei: Muslims Should Force Israel to ‘Retreat to the Point of Demise’


A Supreme Court Justice Could Change America Forever With This One Decision

Move over gun control, now it’s knife control

Feminist Pretends To Be A Man, Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Top 10 Famous Child Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers


Nebraska Just Dealt a Deadly Blow to Planned Parenthood

Wall Street on alert as markets continue to fall amid fears of trade war

Rick Warren on ‘why some Christians find it so hard to hear God’s voice?’

Clarence Thomas Assured Parkland Survivor Second Amendment Is Safe!


Look Who The FBI Just Raided!

Parkland shooting hero blames sheriff and superintendent for failing to prevent massacre.

Rep Steve King Send National Guard ‘to California to Secure the Streets’

U S Government Seizes Popular Website!


Peter Schiff:  The ‘Deep State’ Is Unafraid To Crash Stock Market On…

The Next ‘Indiana Jones’ Could Be An Outrage

Chinese navy carries out live-fire drills in South China Sea

Clinton Admits to Interfering in Israeli Election


Socialist Group Wants Campus Police Disarmed

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Drops a New Bombshell on President Trump

Watch:  Jordan Peterson Destroys Leftist Host On Her Own Show

Support For Armed Teachers Comes From Unexpected Place


Judge Jeanine: Time for Republicans to start wielding power

How should US respond to horrific chemical attack in Syria?

Gun control, school safety is focus of Wasserman Schultz town hall

Are Lasers a Crutch for Bad Technique?| Gun Talk

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