Headlines 4/13-4/14/21 (Kalee)


The Hunter Biden Scandal the Media Doesn’t Want You To See

GOP Congresswoman Challenges Speaker Pelosi to Visit the Border

Project Veritas exposes Biden’s border lies

Major Covid Myth Destroyed – Is Freedom Winning?

Lindsey Graham Shows Off His AR-15 Skills As He Takes A Stand For The 2nd Amendment

John Kennedy slams liberal ‘wokers’ urging Biden to pack Supreme Court

Donald Trump Urges Key GOP Senator to Run for Reelection

Trump SHREDS McConnell again in front of RNC donors


‘Just like China’: Police at THIS church force Christians Underground

McEnany: Media pundits fuel violent protests like Minneapolis

Press Sec. Gets Nasty When Reporter Asks Question She Doesn’t Want To Answer

Art Laffer calls Biden’s spending plans ‘deliberately misleading’

Tom Homan proposes ‘easy fix’ for border crisis

Did the swamp beat Trump?

Biden Shuts Down Press When Asked About MN Shooting…

BLM co-founder labeled a ‘fraud’ after buying luxury homes


THIS is why Donald Trump Fell Nearly 300 Spots In Billionaire Ranks

Trump Shreds McConnell again in front of RNC donors

Major Covid Myth Destroyed – Is Freedom Winning?

David Chipman: The Worst Possible Choice To Lead The ATF

How Bill Gates Made $128 Billion

Nikki Grahame death: ‘Look what lockdown has done!’

Steve Hilton slams big business executives for pushing ‘wokeism’

Shortage Of Everything Is Here!


What Are Altcoins And What Makes Them Different From Bitcoin?

The War on Whistleblowers

Buttigieg grilled by Fox News’ Chris Wallace for false jobs claim

Tucker Carlson UNLOADS On United Airlines For New “Woke” Hiring Policy

So Sad. Texas Rancher Reveals Disturbing Discoveries He’s Made on His Own Property

Biden discusses supply chains during CEO Summit

Demand for housing continues to increase substantially amid pandemic

Joe Biden’s Gaffe about Airplanes will Have you on the Floor Laughing

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