Headlines 4/13-4/14/21 (Logan)


Confirmed: Laptop Belongs to Hunter Biden – Media Remains SILENT!

Joe Biden Just Can’t Stop Lying about Georgia’s New Voting Law

Chicago White Sox Fans Make it CRYSTAL Clear what They Think of Lightfoot, Pritzker

Donald Trump Makes Official 2022 Endorsement and Republicans Should be Excited


Insane! Big Tech Says You Can No Longer Criticize AOC

House Ethics Committee launches investigation into Gaetz

Biden Targets Guns Built from Parts Kits with Executive Order

Biden’s border coordinator to step down


Psaki CONFIRMS Barack Obama’s Role in the Biden-Harris Administration

Biden admin says it’s focusing on migrant surge, why isn’t it on his agenda?

Ben Carson: The real public health crisis is ‘woke America’

Jim Jordan Breaks Down How to Address Biden’s Border Crisis


MSNBC Host ADMITS Biden’s Worst Mistake Right Out of the Gate as POTUS

Will MLK Statues Be Next To Come Down?

Amazing Sight in Texas as Baseball Stadium is Packed for Opening Day

Reporter Asks WH Why Biden Launched Study of Court-Packing After Calling It a “Bonehead Idea”


Tucker Carlson UNLOADS On United Airlines For New “Woke” Hiring Policy

Donald Trump Urges Key GOP Senator to Run for Reelection

Pete Bittigieg Makes it Clear He is Not the Right Person to be Transportation Secretary

Uh-Oh! Joe Biden Just Lost Ilhan Omar’s Support


Joe Biden’s Gaffe about Airplanes will Have you on the Floor Laughing

Can YOU guess the left’s new term for gender surgery?

John Kennedy slams liberal ‘wokers’ urging Biden to pack Supreme Court

‘I should’ve been more clear’: Buttigieg responds to infrastructure opposition


TX Gov. Abbott Goes OFF on Joe Biden after Report Shows HORRORS at Border Facilities

Parents Outraged After Finding Public Schools Have Become Homeless Tent Camps

MSNBC Host Admits Biden’s Worst Mistake Right Out of the Gate as POTUS

Twitter Users have a Field Day after Dem Senator Tries to Change Definition of Word


Reporter Embarrasses Press Sec By Using Biden’s Own Words Against Her

CDC Director: Racism, the Next ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

Dem Governor is Ready to Fight in her City But There’s Just one BIG Problem

Will vaccinated Americans still need mask regulations by Memorial Day?


Listen to Joe Biden ‘FLAT OUT LYING’ during his speech on gun reform

Emperor Biden’s new ‘gun-free zone’

Rep. Richard Hudson: The Border “Is More than a Crisis, It’s a Humanitarian Disaster”

United States of Wokeness..


Watch Jen Psaki Spin Like a Top after Reporters Call out Joe Biden for His Biggest Lie about Guns

Biden’s new gun control proposal could be called ‘Hunter Biden Act’

GOP lawmaker slams Biden as ‘Trafficker-in-Chief’

Biden: Gun Owners Who Modify Pistols with Stabilizing Braces Should Submit Fee, ID to DOJ


The War on Whistleblowers

Inside Google’s Insane Headquarters Googleplex

Steve Hilton slams big business executives for pushing ‘wokeism’

Shortage Of Everything Is Here! Americans Are Panicking As Prices Soaring At Grocery Stores

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