Headlines 4/15-4/16/21 (Kalee)


Dan Crenshaw Delivers Personal Life Update that Have Us ALL Praying for Him

President Joe Biden announces withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

This California County Is Launching A ‘Vaccine Passport’…Is Yours Next?

They actually made a MICROCHIP???

Where’s Kamala Harris? Tomi Lahren visits border, calls out VP

Ted Cruz: Biden has a ‘long history of race-baiting’

‘I Cannot stay silent’: Powerful letter exposes the REAL pandemic our kids face


Reporter OWNS Psaki on Abortion… She Gets Nasty and Tries To Move On

Joe and Kamala are MIA, Cruz swings back at MLB

Jason Whitlock: Police brutality Does exist…but it’s Not due to racism

NCAA pulls out of Red states cracking down on trans athletes

Donald Trump stood up to our enemies!

CNN Caught On Tape In An Epic Takedown

Why won’t mainstream media call violence in Minneapolis a ‘riot’?

Biden announces Afghanistan troop withdrawal by September 11


Meet The 37-Year-Old CEO Who Turned Vimeo Into A Billion-Dollar Company

Holtz-Eakin: Biden infrastructure bill is a ‘very different animal’

Cavuto: Early bitcoin investors ‘richly rewarded’ as Coinbase shares soar

‘Reimagine policing’: How far should reforms go?

GOP Lawmakers Rip Biden’s New Insulting Plan to Curb Border Crisis

Inside Putin’s $1.4 Billion Dollar Heavily Guarded Palace

Hunter Biden Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Minneapolis Unrecognizable after 2nd Night of Heavy Looting, Rioting Takes Place


BLM Co-Founder EXPOSED for Massive Money Scandal we All Saw Coming

Sen. Cruz: Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan has only 5% devoted to infrastructure

Texas Rep.: Biden Has Created “Trail of Tears” at Southern Border

COVID-19: Whistleblower claims WHO asked him to change report about Italy’s COVID response

You Can Buy This Ghost Town For $1.25 Million Dollars

Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Woke’ CEOs think money, power will protect them

This Will impact you and your family..

Pete Hegseth on bitcoin: I am ‘crypto evangelist’

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